Got your beta key yet?

Mythic Entertainment has announced on the European Warhammer site that new account creation for new open beta testers will be available starting at 8:30 am on Sunday July 7th. It doesn't say what time zone that time is in, but since it is the European site, my guess is GMT - which would be 3:30 am tonight on the East Coast, and 12:30 am tonight on the West Coast. I am soooo staying up late tonight. I love living on the West Coast.

New account pages will be available at tomorrow morning from 08.30. To gain Open Beta access, create a fresh account using these pages, log in with it and enter the code you have been given. This only applies to new testers; all previous testers have automatic Open Beta access

A minor patch will be available before the servers are brought online early afternoon tomorrow. The suspense will soon be over; WAR is dawning and we all have a very exciting time ahead of us.

For more information, please check the Warhammer Online European Site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016