I came across an interesting player journal today. It is a journal written by a complete newbie to the World of Warcraft. Some of the things that come up are funny since most players know all about them now. It makes me remember my first days in beta so long ago....

A Newbie - Step Two
by Ahrael

A week later - my co ordination is getting better I am managing to watch where I am going and I have figured out how to jump and run (space bar and w/up arrow in case u don’t know). I am managing to get the wolves in front of me 50% of the time, still think they running behind me on purpose. So I am now ready to face, sorry play with M again. So I send him a /t and no I still dont know how the other channels work. He /t me backs and says he will be with me in a sec.

I have gotten to two all by myself (was very proud of that) and I am now running around with M killing wolves and these silly little people with big noses, candles and who remind me allot of 'ALF' after a bad night (was a program on TV). So seeing I am now able to watch where I am going, I start noticing some other things. My robe/dress whatever u want to call it is purple well lavendar, and we all know what that colour means, and I know this was a conspiracy in D but to bring to WOW *sigh*. Another thing you can see a guy designed this, have you ever tried running with a dress that long? Its about as effective as using twenty condoms at the same time any which way you look at it you going to end up falling flat.

You can read the whole article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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