Remember Odus from EverQuest? It was a small continent, but it packed a punch. If you had reason to go there (apart from starting an Erudite character), you knew you were going to be in for something challenging, fun, and rewarding. Now, Odus comes to EverQuest 2 with the upcoming expansion, Sentinel's Fate. We spoke with EQ2 Producer, Alan Crosby to get the skinny on this exciting new expansion. We were able to get info about new armor sets, raids, and how the Hole comes into play.

Our art team is working very hard on whole kinds of assorted new armor sets. With the new snap-on system we have, which allows us to just add individual pieces to give armor different looks, our goal is to have more new looks for armor than we currently have. Hopefully, if we get everything in that we want to, you’ll see more new types and appearances for armor than there currently are.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016