Champions Online will set the future.

Champions, the original pen and paper game that spawned Champions Online, will now be taking it's lead from the online game in a move that is unprecedented in the industry. While World of Warcraft does have a pen and paper game that's following it's lead, that's because the MMO came first in that case. And you can bet your buttons that Dungeons and Dragons Online is taking it's lead from the pen and paper publishers - not the other way around.

But Champions, originally released more than 25 years ago in 1981 (good lord, it's older than I am!), is banking on the online game for a resurgence in popularity. The reboot to the pen and paper game will happen right away, giving away some key details.

However, the development of original Champions will now follow what Cryptic does with its PC and console game. "Going forward, as we publish more Champions setting books we'll follow what Cryptic does... You'll see this in the two Champions books we're publishing this summer... In both cases this will be the first time the public sees a lot of art from Champions Online and learns some of the secrets of the setting," Long said.

"It's a 'sneak peek' nearly a year before the game's launch," he said, confirming that Champions Online is expected to launch in mid-2009.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016