Messiah Shares His Thoughts

This week our network editorial topic is “Back to School”. The various community staff take a look at how well their games do at teaching newbies how things are done? Is the beginning portion of the game interesting? Well paced? Does it introduce players to the game’s social scene? Is there room for improvement?

While I was not selected to write the editorial for WoW, I had to step up and voice my opinion on this topic, as it is one that is near and dear to my heart (cold and dead as it may be). I am not so much interested in the first part, looking at how well World of Warcraft teaches new players the ropes, but in the second part of the topic. In particular I want to focus on how the Blizzard introduces players to various aspects of the game, with real attention being paid to the social aspect.

My biggest complaint about WoW is how it teaches (or in this case does not teach) new players, especially those new to MMO’s, about the social aspects of an MMO. While Blizzard does an amazing job of subtly directing players into the game and teaching them how to progress, it does a rats ass job on teaching them how to group or socialize.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016