If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night, you may have been witness to a World of Warcraft player receiving one of those nice looking golden men. According to the WoW Insider, Steve Preeg (one of the technical directors that worked on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) was among the team that won the Oscar, but he also puts time into his WoW combat rogue, downing almost all of the raid bosses in the game thus far.

Yup, we've heard from one of his guildies that Preeg is a guild leader in the game -- he plays a Combat Rogue with 450 Enchanting and Inscription, and runs a progression guild that's downed everything but the big black dragon and his three companions. he's even done all of the holiday events so far (though he's rolling with the "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title).

Pretty neat! You can read more about this story over at WoW Insider.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016