Overview of Warhammer Online from Games Day 2007

As the first in a series of three articles we will be running about Games Workshop's Games Day, Garret Fuller wanted to give his overall impressions of the event while also talking about all the interesting new monsters, landscapes and elements he saw from Mythic EA. The second part of the series will will be a write-up of the quiet, sit down chat Garrett had with Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman, and the third iteration will feature Garrett's interview with Mark Jacobs. Without any more delay, let's start with the overview of Warhammer's Games Day event and his experience of a day of WAR!

We got to see players cheer, scream, and fight it out while being coached by the EA Mythic staff. Alongside the fans, Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman, and Mark Jacobs were all on hand answering questions and talking with anxious WAR followers! It was great to see a company whose top guys put themselves out there with the masses to talk about their game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016