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With Overwatch hitting the fifty million users mark faster than any other game in Blizzard's arsenal and the Overwatch World Cup proving so successful, there seems no end to the possibilities for this behemoth of a game. With substantial marketing, great anime style, solid gameplay and a constantly expanding Overwatch universe, Blizzard have proved that they are masters at what they do and rightly deserve all the acclaim that comes their way.

As well as acclaim, there should be plenty of money heading Blizzard’s way, with news that an Overwatch movie could be on the cards and things like the animated series, digital comics and graphic novels will continue to be built upon and add to the developers’ coffers. All these things are great news for fans of the series, but what we really want is game tweaks to improve what is already fantastic. Here's a few nuggets of ideas that Blizzard are or should be considering making a reality.

 Map Builder/Editor

This is probably at the top of most peoples’ wish list, but we might all just need to be patient and cross our fingers as there doesn’t seem to be a map making feature in the pipeline. It would be amazing to be able to build your own maps to take advantage of Widowmaker’s sniper skills or create a human bowling alley for Reinhart to throw people down, but right now this one is still just a dream.

Spin-off Games

There isn’t anyone that wouldn’t want to see an action adventure game featuring Overwatch characters or an open-world game where our heroes could run riot, but really any kind of spin-off game would catch our attention. Other franchises have had success with spin-off mobile games of different types. On this Canadian site, you’ll find reviews of slots games featuring Lara Croft and Batman, for instance, so the potential is definitely there to create almost any type of game that will add to the Overwatch legacy.

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More Rewards

We always want more, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask for more things to buy with competitive play points. Jeff Kaplan, Game Director and Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment has hinted at a restructuring of the weapons and skins market, but there seems to be an issue of over-rewarding that must be avoided.

Replays and Pause Button

This appears to be on the backburner, but it’s not out of the question that we’ll all be able to replay our greatest moments in the very near future. Apparently, there is a replay system at work in the Blizzard offices, but this hasn’t yet made it to the fans and a pause option should be available soon for eSports tier games.


This is an issue that Blizzard seems well aware of and there appear to be plans afoot to start tracking stats in the non-standard game types. Hopefully, this one will be rolled out soon and we can start to talk about and display our achievements with some verifiable evidence.

There are loads of great things coming out for Overwatch franchise and the merchandise available to fans continues to get better and better, but the game is at the crux of it all and these fine-tunes could really make the almost perfect game flawless. As much as we'd like to see Overwatch as one of the best online slot machines, an Overwatch movie and an Overwatch open-world game, what we really want is just a few improvements to what we fell in love with already. 

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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017