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This is a continuation of our Alliance level 60-70 guide. From here we continue to take you step by step in the fastest way possible to level seventy. If this is your first character or your fourth this guide will help you speed through the levels by telling you the most efficient way to go about gaining XP and doing quests.

The last place this guide left you should have been at Orebor Harborage at level sixty three. This guide takes you to level 63 and leaves off before your first adventure into Terrorkar Forest.

Zangarmarsh (Levels 63 to 63.5)

Continuing from the previous page you should be at Orebor Harborage. Here you can pick up “Natural Armor, “The Terror of Marshlight Lake”, “Stinger Venom”, and “Lines of communication”. These quests are rather easy and mostly together so this is a good series of quests to do. Stock up on supplies then head out towards 51,40. Here are Fenclaw Thrashers which you need to kill along with quite a few pipes. The top most pipe leads to Coilfang Reservoir (remember it) and needs to be explored for “Drain Schematics”. From here head out towards the south to kill Marshfang Slicers and then east from there to kill “Marshlight Bleeders”. If there are any other quest NPCs in the area be sure to get rid of them as well!

Walk to 22,65 which is a neat little outpost and turn in the fungi quest and accept “Stealing Back the Mushrooms”. Not far from here at 22,45 is Terrorclaw a rather easy NPC that you need to take out. Then head to the very northwest tip of the zone to a floating island. In a cave guarded by two NPCs is Overlord Gorefist who is rather easy as well. You’ll also need 10 mushrooms from this area, they are located in boxes all over the place or dropped from Ogres. Head back to Orebor Harborage from here.

Turn in all of the quests you can while picking up “Maktu’s Revenge”. Return to Serpant Lake and find the island in the center of it. Slay Mragesh which is near the center island then head back to the Cenarion Outpost to turn in “Stealing Back the Mushrooms”. Return to Orebor Harborage and turn in “Maktu’s Revenge”.

Take a flight to Telredor or just walk it and turn in any quests you have from here while getting their follow-ups: “Blacksting’s Bane”, “Idols of the Feralfen” and “Diaphanous Wings”. We’ll get the idols first so head to 45,60 and pick them up off the ground. A little hard to pick up but just keep your eyes out for them. Then head to Cenarion Refuge and accept “Warning the Cenarion Circle”, “Return to the Marsh”, and “Withered Flesh”. Most of these are follow-ups to previous quests meaning you should turn in anything you have while there.

Leave out of town and head to the dead mire to kill bog lords and hydras. Then head bac k to Telredor and turn in “Withered Flesh” which was completed by the stuff in the dead mire. You should get “Gathering the Reagents” after turning in the idol quest. So then head south out of Telredor to the lagoon with the spore bats. Kill Fen Striders and Spore Bats until the reagent quest is done. Then return, turn it in, and pick up “Messenger to Feralfen”. Head to Boha’mu Ruins at 43,70 and drink the quest item to turn into one of the native inhabitis. Then talk to the one you’re suppose to for the quest which is Elder Kuruti. Now head back to Telredor.

For now we’re done with Zangarmarsh. You should technically be level 63 and a half. The next part of the guide will take you through Terrorkar Forest before returning back to Zangarmarsh.

Assuming you’re ready to continue on with some quests then head to Terrokkar Forest which is south out of the Cenarion Refuge. Just follow the road straight south out of the Refuge and you won’t miss it. You’ll end up at Shattrath City if you continue following the road which is an excellent stopping point for the day. Be sure to bind at Shattrath, one of the best bind locations in all of WoW!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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