Alliance Leveling Guide 60-70

"The Fastest Path to 70!"

This is a continuation of our Alliance level 60-70 guide. From here we continue to take you step by step in the fastest way possible to level seventy. If this is your first character or your fourth this guide will help you speed through the levels by telling you the most efficient way to go about gaining XP and doing quests.

The last place this guide left you should have been the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. This section of the guide will be taking you from level 62 to 62.5. It shouldn't take that long either, as long as you stay close to our nifty directions!


Level Sixty Two to Sixty Two and a Half

When you first enter Zangarmarsh you should find two NPCs who offer quests. Pick them up (“The Umbrafen Tribe” and “Plants of Zangarmarsh”) then explore town to pick up “A Warm Welcome” and “The Dying Balance” and “Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake” which is gotten after you turn in “The Cenarion Expedition”.

Suit up and head out. The first thing we’ll take out is Boglash, the level 62 elite that’s a tad south of the Cenarion Refuge. As an elite I found him REALLY weak and if you get in trouble you’re close enough to town to run away. Next up we’ll wander around a bit killing various enemies in the nearby area for “Plants of Zangarmarsh”. They drop plant parts which help us complete the quest. It’s best to just kill everything on the way to our next location, 82,80 where you should complete the quest “The Umbrafen Tribe”. There is an escort here too, go ahead and do it.

Head back to town, killing mobs on the way until you finish getting your plants. Get back to town and accept “A Damp, Dark Place” and “Uncatalogued Species” along with “Saving the Sporeloks” AND finally “Safeguarding the Watchers”.

Head back out but this time west toward The Lagoon at 64,64. Kill the nagas here then go to 70,80 to complete “Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake”. Now head out to Funggor Cave which is at 74,90 (not far off). In the cave follow the RIGHT path while killing enemies to get Ikeyen’s Belongings (which at are 70,97 INSIDE the cave). At the end of the cave there will be Lord Klaq who was REALLY easy for me. Head back to the refuge (hearthing is a good option if all quests are done).

Turn in all of those quests and accept the quest “As the Crow Flies”. Complete it and then go about getting the rest of the quests: “Balance Must Be Preserved” and “Blessings of the Ancient”. Now head to 70,80 again and use the seeds which should spawn a guard who will drop “Drain Schematics”. Then head 63,34 to finish “Balance Must Be Preserved”.

Next stop, the glorious city of Telredor which is at 69,49. Lots to do here, but most importantly (if you haven’t already) get the flight point! Forgetting would be pretty annoying if you needed to go to Ironforge then get back to Zangarmarsh. Pick up the quests: “The Orebor Harborage”, “Unfinished Business”,  “The Dead Mire”, “The Bohamu Ruins”, “The Fat of Tuurem”, “Fulgor Spores”, “Menacing Marshfangs”, and finally “Too Many Mouths to Feed”.

Head out towards the north east (not far from town) to pick up spores and kill Marshfang Rippers. Nearby at 80,43 you’ll find a pile of dirt for another quest. Return to Umbrafen Lake and kill Mire Hydras and Eels. Return to the refuge and turn in a few quests and plant parts if you have enough (you should always turn in plant parts for rep!)

At this point I suggest taking a break, restocking, and getting yourself some rest. You should be about 50% into level 62 so you’re almost to level 63.

Tune in soon for more! We're updating it as we go along looking for the best way to get you to 70. Expect updates every few days!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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