Hold the Line; An Endgame Tanking Reference

By: Patrick O'Callahan / Ciderhelm

3.2 Attributes and Modifiers

This section should be used for quick reference. All listed attributes are based on level warrior 60 modifiers and combat modifiers are based on fighting equal level mobs.

A great source for more detailed information is Eldeonas' Guide, found here:

Also, Satrina's research can be found at:

Nearly all tanking related gear will have heavy stamina built into it. Trinkets, however, rarely have any direct attributes (stamina, strength, or agility) built into them.
1 Stamina = 10 Health

Strength is a secondary attribute applied to most tanking gear. In some cases, such as ranged slots, Blizzard prefers to give a direct Attack Power bonus in place of the attribute.
1 Strength = 2 Attack Power*
22 Strength = 1 Shield Block Value
*14 Attack Power = 1 Damage Per Second, thus 7 Strength = 1 Damage Per Second.

Agility is generally not placed on heavy armor; however, in noticeable places such as the Conquerors armor set, it is used to great effect. Though agility is helpful for armor, it is valued primarily for avoidance through dodge.
1 Agility = 2 Armor
20 Agility = 1% Dodge
20 Agility = 1% Critical Strike

Understanding the Combat Table
Avoidance and mitigation skills are based on an additive, not multiplicative, combat table. For example, if you have 10% dodge and 10% parry, you have a 20% damage reduction against an equal level creature with level 60 weapon skill. Shield Block is also factored into this table.

Because of the current combat table, it is possible to have enough avoidance and shield block when using your Shield Block skill to remove the chance of a crushing blow or critical strike occuring. Read more about this in section 2.9, All About Shield Block.

At one point, an Italian magazine reported that there was a 60% avoidance cap. As myself and many others have said over and over again -- this is absolutely false. If you hear someone say it, they are wrong! However, note that this is not to be confused with an Armor mitigation cap of 75%, which appears to be real although it has not been verified by Warriors as of this time (Feral Druids have done some testing).

1 Defense = Increases Miss Percentage by 0.04%
1 Defense = Increase Block Percentage by 0.04%
1 Defense = Increases Dodge by 0.04%
1 Defense = Increases Parry by 0.04%
1 Defense = Decreases chance of being affected by a Crushing Blow by 2%, up to a minimum chance of 15%*
*This was taken directly from Satrina's research.

Dodge Percentage is complete damage avoidance against physical damage. A dodged attack also cannot affect any channeled abilities (what, you don't use Slam?).

Parry percentage is complete damage avoidance against physical damage. In addition, a parry also counter-attacks your target for weapon damage and resets your swing timer. This counter-attack is benefited more by slower weapons. I have verified this through testing.

Miss Percentage
Miss percentage is complete damage avoidance against physical damage. A missed attack cannot affect any channeled abilities. Miss percentages are countered directly by hit percentage.

Shield Block Percentage
Shield block percentage increases your chance to block an incoming physical attack on your combat table.

Shield Block Value
Shield block value ist most effectively increased through shield, gear, and enchants, though your strength attribute will benefit this. Shield block value is critically important for Protection talented warriors. Read more in 2.9, All About Shield Block.

Critical strike percentage increases your chance to deal a critical strike to your target. A critical strike can never miss; a critical strike percentage of 15% means that, on average, you will critical strike 15% of the time. Also note that if you have no hit percentage modifiers, crit percentage will replace hit percentage, not expand your hit percentage.

Hit percentage is a direct reduction to the rate a creature you are attacking would otherwise be missed. Each increase in hit percentage is an equal percentage decrease in the creature's miss rating. Hit does not affect dodge, parry, or block rates.

Weapon Skill (Glancing Blows)
Weapon skill lowers the damage reduction that naturally occurs on higher level mobs you are attacking. This has minimal impacts on tanking, but does emphasize that if you have an available weapon skill modifier such as human or orc racials it can be helpful to choose a weapon in line with that racial.

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