Following on from our ever increasingly popular Heroes of the Storm Tier List, we’ve turned to Paladins, to formulate a similar list based on its Champions. This, like our other Tier Lists, is for the community. All Champions placed in their respective Tiers are in no particular order, only alphabetical. In addition, success with any Champion is still largly reliant on your personal skill. Any and all input is also welcome on this Tier list: don’t be afraid to make a suggestion.

Updated: 30 October 2018

Tier List Descriptors

Tier S+ - These Champions are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

Tier S - Champions which are often first pick, first ban material, and are considered top tier. 

Tier A+ - Above the point balance, these Champions comprise most team compositions and should see only minor changes.

Tier A - The main point of balance, Champions here should see few if any changes and are generally considered safe picks.

Tier B+ - These Champions are generally considered good, but often require a highly skilled individual to get the most out of them and aren't viable in all situations. 

Tier B - Team compositions generally need to be built around a Champions in this pool to make them viable. They are rarely, if ever, seen in competitive play. 

Tier C - Very low pick rate Champions that are considered trash tier and not competitively viable. 

Paladins Roles

1. Front Line - These champions are good at holding the line and protecting their teammates through a variety of abilities. 

2. Damage - These champions are capable of consistently dealing high amounts of damage. Their abilities aren't limited to range or melee, and typically offer a diverse kit to punish enemies. 

3. Support - These are high utility champions, helpful in both offense and defense. Typically however they're associated with healing and as a result, provide much needed sustain to a team. 

4. Flank - These champions excel at flanking and taking out key targets from the opponent's rear. Their abilities typically revolve around mobility, evasion or concealment. 

Tier List Movement 

We've made significant changes to the format of our Tier List, delivering it as a single image instead of a text-based stack. We've brought back our Champion descriptions, and updated all avatars.

S+ Tier

No Champions are currently considered S+ Tier.

S Tier

A+ Tier

A Tier

B+ Tier

B Tier

C Tier

Champion Descriptions and Quick Search Table

S Tier

Androxus: Rarely since his arrival has Androxus been out of the top-tier placements. Besides a couple of fluctuations, he has always remained an excellent flank. With excellent mobility thanks to Nether Step, and massive damage thanks to Accursed Arm, he's incredibly potent in the right hands. 

Cassie: Similarly to Androxus, Cassie has rarely been poor. Her damage potential is huge, while the vision her Scout affords is invaluable. Combined with her added movement speed, AOE potential in Blast Shot, and mobility in Dodge Roll, she can be terrifying.
Dredge: There's little wonder Dredge is considered top-tier. His kit is brimming with potency, with his basic attacks dealing high splash damage, Broadside once again bolstering his AOE potency, and the zoning/damage potential of his Ultimate ability: Kraken. While Shortcut doesn't offer immediate mobility (you'll need some quick set-up time), it does ensure he can escape completely when needed.
Drogoz: A ranged staple that continues to dominate, Drogoz has a kit that ensures he can be oppressive. With high impact damage, AOE potency, and vertical mobility, he needs a skilled team to shut down.
A+ Tier

Bomb King: Having always been a solid choice, Bomb King remains very strong. His zoning potential with Grumpy Bomb is exceptional, while his burst potency when he fully stacks Sticky Bomb into Detonate is high. Poppy Bomb also remains particularly useful for clearing a point and buying your team time.

Furia: A personal favorite, Furia is a particularly potent Support. Solid damage and healing in her Pyre Blade, she builds on this exceptionally well with Kindle Soul. If you also factor in her defensive mobility, and the fact she has an invaluable stun in Pyre Strike, she can do very well. If you throw in her Ultimate, which boosts weapon damage by 30% for her team, she's great on a final push.

Inara: I still love Inara, and while she has fluctuated in the meta, she's undoubtedly strong. Impasse is great for zoning, the control of Warder's Field invaluable, and her Ultimate - Seismic Crush - can clear a room thanks to its stun, shield bypass and damage.
Khan: An amazing front-line tank, Khan offers brilliant protection for his team thanks to his Bulwark and Battle Shout. The pick potential in Commander's Grab also allows him to target one enemy, and have his team collapse on them when they're thrown backwards. This pick potential is only heightened thanks to Overpower, allowing him to isolate a single target with ease.
Koga: Massive damage potential if you consistently gain, and consumed Energy, Koga is a pain in the backside to deal with. Shadow Step being untargettable provides amazing mobility and dive potency, while Dragon Stance provides brilliant (and rapid) damage. His Cyclone Strike can be a game-changer if used correctly, not only for its massive damage, but the fact he can then mop up afterwards.
Lian: My most played, Lian has a solid kit that's flexible and valuable. With the ability to rapidly volley most of her abilities are medium range, combined with excellent burst potential, she's a great draft. Enlightenment can easily clear a room, while Prescence is brilliant for softening up a group of enemies who're a little too close together. 
Makoa: I'm not sure he has ever dropped below A+ Tier, or out of favor with any Paladins players. His Dredge Anchor is still brilliant for isolating a target, while Shell Shield offers excellent AOE mitigation for you and your team. In a confined space, despite it not being as strong as it once was, Ancient Rage can still cut down enemies quickly. 
Strix: As long as he can maintain sightlights, while constantly gaining vision from Flare, Strix can be pretty oppressive. Unsurprisingly he needs excellent aim, and while he can often be punished by an effective Flank, his stealth does afford him some wriggle room when it comes to surviving. 
Willo: Up and down she goes in the meta, Willo is back up to the top thanks to her AOE pressure, high splash damage and the healing reduction afforded by Dead Zone. Seedling remains great for zoning enemies, while Fae Flight - in open areas - allows her to bombard with relative ease. 

A Tier

Buck: Buck has always been fairly solid, and his flank potential is strong. His Shotgun deals massive close range damage, and Net Shot facilitates fairly easy kills. Recovery provides some much needed sustain and Heroic Leap high amounts of mobility. Well balanced right now.

Evie: A safe Flank that offers plenty of splash AOE, mobility and survivability. She relies heavily on her basics and speed to deal damage, rather than pure abilities, but a well timed Ice Storm can work wonders to clear a point.
Fernando: Still solid, but arguably a weaker Khan, Fernando deals consistent damage with good damage over time, coupled with some burst. Charge has its uses for engaging quickly, while Shield is wider and can withstand more damage than his peer. 
Kinessa: Somewhat of a weaker Strix, Kinessa has value if she can gain sightlines and isn't bothered too heavily by a skilled Flank. Oppressor Mine is pretty garbage, but her Sniper Mode is capable of massive damage output.
Lex: Not as strong as he once was, Lex feels well balanced at the moment. Good damage from his Magnums, plenty of aggressive plays thanks to Combat Slide, and The Law can clear a room when the enemy team are softened up.
Mal'Damba: A staple for many, Mal'Damba has a lot of potency. A default stun from his Spitting Cobra ensures he can shut down flanking Champions, while Mending Spirits and Gourd allow him to provide plenty of single target, and team healing. Dread Serpent is also brilliant for punishing enemies who group too closely.
Seris: Similarly to Mal'Damba, Seris is in a good spot. Convergence offers opportunities for team wipes, while Restore Soul heals for a good amount. Her self-sustain is also excellent thanks to the damage, and 15% maximum health return from Rend Soul.
Sha Lin: Perhaps pushing for A+ Tier, Sha Lin can be incredibly annoying in the right hands. His damage potential, combined with his stealth and rapid attacks (thanks to Planted) ensures he can cut through enemies quickly if he's left undisturbed. 
Talus: I don't love his kit, but Talus feels balanced right now. A nuisance Champion designed to harrass and retreat repeatedly, his biggest limitation is effective use of Rune of Travel, and the fact he relies on Blitz Upper for all his burst damage. That said, if you've solid aim and can place your Rune in good spots to quickly get back into the action, he can be annoying to deal with. 
Torvald: His silence from Nullify remains incredibly potent, and his ranged poke isn't half bad. While recharge provides some much needed sustain, and Protection reasonable shielding for his team, he lacks the mobility often needed in a lone Frontline Champion. Even so, Torvald is well balanced and valuable if drafted correctly.
Tyra: Fire Bomb and its healing reduction will always have value, and despite Tyra not being quick as in demand as she used to be, she's still a lot of fun and still potent. Crossfire can still cut a team down quickly and Nade Launcher can punish low health Champions who think they've escaped her range. 
Viktor: He might look a damn sight worse than he used to, but Viktor is still a safe pair of hands. He's Mr. Default when it comes to design, is easy to play, not too difficult to master, and his kit is straight forward. Great for beginners, and Barrage often ensures he can clean up if players stay too close together. Just be conscious of his reduced movement speed when using Iron Sights (similar to Vivian).
Ying: She has a higher skill ceiling than some Support Champions, but also relies on AI Illusions to do her healing. If she can maintain them, she can heal fairly well, but the fact she relies on her Ultimate to gaurentee a heal to her team does limit her potency compared to others around her. Regardless of that, she's in a good spot right now. 
Zhin: A challenging Flank to play, Zhin has high burst and some mitigation thanks to Counter. Billow doesn't last long to get him out of tricky siutations, but if timed right - alongside Whirl - he can often create enough space to regroup and return to combat. A well timed Spite (Ultimate) works particularly well at shutting down Champions who are particularly evasive.

B+ Tier

Ash: Pushed out due to the value of Inara, Khan and Makoa, Ash is a good Champion but one with reduced value right now. Siege Shield is slow moving and can easily be flanked, while her abilities are short-range, limiting her poke potential until she's right infront of her enemy.

Barik: Another Champion who has regularly been up and down this Tier List, his value as far as I'm concerned has never been amazing. His Turrets are largely awful, Blunderbuss has a short range, and Barricade is too static for a mobile push. His value, similarly to Ash's, has been pushed out by more mobile Frontline Champions.

Jenos: I still love Jenos, just for the fact that his Ultimate (Through Time and Space) is amazing at wiping an enemy team that aren't concentrating. That said, he only has one heal, can struggle against a skilled Flank, while use of Void Grip prevents him from doing his primary role: looking after his team.

Maeve: A Champion that has, on several occasions, been far too strong, Maeve has fallen back to earth a little bit. Her burst potential is still huge if she lands her Nine Lives reset, and Midnight still has value. However, the arrival of Koga and his kit depth - as far as I'm concernd - has pushed her down the pecking order.
Pip: I think the biggest issue facing Pip - certainly that I encounter - is the fact that many who play him pursue pure damage rather than healing. Considering his healing output is a one trick pony (Healing Potion) to not take Mega Potion severely limits his potential to look after his team.
Terminus: I can't remember a time where Terminus has ever been amazing, and after his ropey launch, he's still not great. His biggest issue is the fact that as a Frontline, he doesn't really have any high value tools to protect yourself for long periods of time. Without Power Siphon, he's incredibly vulnerable to poke. That said, if he can get in amongst the enemy with a well timed Shatterfall, he can do alright.
Vivian: A Champion that feels like a weaker Lian, her biggest drawback - despite her accuracy and consistent damage - is the fact she's slowed while firing. Combined with Sensor Drones being a little weak in value (especially compared to Strix's Flare and Cassie's Scout), there's little reason to rush to pick her.

B Tier

Grohk:  I love Grohk, and he has been up and down this Tier List many times. Unfortunately for him, he has also been buffed and nerfed repeatedly, and lacks the potency needed to be top tier. He's easily killed while channeling Tempest, Totem isn't great for continued healing output while on the move, and Ghost Walk is just pretty duff without major card investment.

Grover: Grover used to be heavily in the meta, but right now his value is limited. His Throwing Axe still offers valuable high damage poke, while Blossom and Whirlwind a significant amount of healing. He's limited however by other stronger Supports, or the healing debuff potential of Willo.

Moji: Strictly speaking there's nothing massively wrong with Moji, but she doesn't offer anything of real value over her peers. Not a huge amount of mobility, no real burst threat, and a heavy reliance on her Ultimate to quickly shut opponents down (if she can keep up with them).

Ruckus: Ruckus' biggest downside is the fact he isn't a solo Frontline. He's more of an off-tank, and that arguably takes up the place of another Champion who brings more to the table. His kit is largely fine, with rapid damage, some AOE and self-shielding, but brings little else that allows him and his team to quickly flip a Capture Point.

C Tier

Skye: She's great at noob-stomping, and she can isolate a target quickly, but she has fairly loud audio cues, while her Stealth isn't a gaurenteed means of escape or engage. Outside of her Time Bomb, she lacks burst damage potential.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018

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