Following on from our ever increasingly popular Heroes of the Storm and Smite Tier List's we’ve turned to Paladins, Hi-Rez's latest game, to formulate a similar list based on its champions. This is, like our other Tier List's, is for the community. All champions placed in their respective Tiers are in no particular order, only alphabetical. In addition, success with any champion is still, largly, reliant on your personal skill. Any and all input is also welcome on this Tier list: don’t be afraid to make a suggestion.

Please Note: champions have been placed in their Tiers based on a variety of factors: their strength in their predominant role (jungle, adc, etc.) as well as their overall value from their skills and utility. Updated 03 January 2017

Tier List Descriptors

Tier S+ - These Champions are greatly overpowered and are first pick, first ban material. 

Tier S - Champions that are overpowered and highly sought after.

Tier A+ - Champions that are above-average.

Tier A - These popular Champions are often used and considered balanced.

Tier B+ - Useful Champions that are regularly seen but which are slightly under-average in their performance. 

Tier B - Situational Champions or Champions that rely on composition and personal ability. Considered Underpowered.  

Tier C - Considered niche, these Champions are situational or rarely see play and are

Paragon Roles

1. Front Line - These champions are good at holding the line and protecting their teammates through a variety of abilities. 

2. Damage - These champions are capable of consistently dealing high amounts of damage. Their abilities aren't limited to range or melee and typically offer a diverse kit to punish enemies. 

3. Support - These are high utility champions, helpful in both offense and defense. Typically however they're associated with healing and as a result, provide much needed sustain to a team. 

4. Flank - These champions excel at flanking and taking out key targets from the opponent's rear. Their abilities typically revolve around mobility, evasion or concealment. 

Tier List Movement

Moved Ruckus to A Tier. He feels well balanced right now. 

Moved Grohk to B Tier. Despite him being my favorite Champion, what's the value of bringing him right now over an support? 

Added Tyra "The Untamed" to A+ Tier. A flexible kit that's invaluable at blowing up targets (Hunter's Mark). 

Moved Barik to B+ Tier. There are better front-line Champions that bring much more to the table. 

S+ Tier



    No Champions are currently considered S+ Tier.

S Tier



Androxus Flanker High damage, strong burst, amazing mobility in Nether Step and strong defence thanks to Reversal.
Cassie Damage She's always been great and little has changed. Fantastic damage, good control in Disengage and excellent mobility.
Fernando Front Line He's rarely not been the king of Paladins. An invaluable shield and a kit that also brings damage and engagement.
Ying Support Difficult to pin down, confusing to fight, an excellent Ultimate and valuable healing. 

A+ Tier



Drogoz Damage A powerful damage modifier, excellent burst from Salvo and exceptional mobility in Thrust.
Vicktor Damage He might be predictable but his damage is excellent, he's easy to play and he's forgiving.
Buck Flank Some sustain thanks to Recovery, Buck also offers a valuable slow and an Ultimate that's incredibly strong. 
Evie Damage Outside of Icestorm, Evie is relatively easy to deal with. That said, her Ultimate can carry pretty hard regardless of composition./td>
Sha Lin Damage Great ranged poke, high damage, lots of fun to play. 
Tyra "The Untamed" Damage A flexible kit that brings a dose of single target damage, combined with AOE pressure - good spike potential in Hunter's Mark.

A Tier



Bomb King Damage Strong damage, good utility with Poppy Bomb and reasonable area denial thanks to Grumpy Bomb. 
Makao Front Line Dredge Anchor is great for singling out a high value target while Shell Shield offers high team protection.
Mal'damba Support Fast becoming a personal favorite - strong healing, good AOE pressure and an invaluable Ultimate.
Pip Support Strong crowd control in Evil Mojo, reasonable healing and a nuisance thanks to Weightless.
Ruckus Front Line Good sustain thanks to Emitter, he might be somewhat slow but his damage is good and his team shielding valuable.

B+ Tier



Barik Front Line Barricade offers good mitigation for his team while Dome Shield further strengthens his area denial and defence. Unfortunately for Barik, that's just about all he brings.
Grover Support Fantastic healing but his axes are easily avoided; saved by his Ultimate (Whirlwind). 
Kinessa Flank I don't feel her kit necessarily suits Paladin's mobile play. She's far too static but can deal good damage. 

B Tier



Grohk Support My personal favorite, Grohk is far below where he should be. A reasonable slow, average poke with Lightning Staff and 'alright' healing leaves much to be desired.
Skye Flank Too easily countered and relatively predictable. I don't consider her a huge threat especially in a coordinated team. 

C Tier



    No champions are currently considered C Tier.


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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017

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