In this Paragon Tier List we present the latest rankings for competitive Player versus Player. In line with our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier list, this page will always show the latest updates every patch, or every month depending on movement. This Tier List is also representative of the current meta favoring high health, high crowd control Heroes. 

Please note it's important for me to state that this should be the community's list as I appreciate any and all input. Don't be afraid to make a statement or a suggestion and remember: it’s the player’s skill, not the Hero choice, that is often most important (this list also assumes equal player skill level). I will also add that "meta" builds regularly change and it often requires just one team to use a Hero effectively to see the landscape change. Updated 1 August 2017

Tier List Descriptors

Tier S+ - Your top tiers which will dictate meta stylings and composition. These Heroes are first pick, first ban material.

Tier S - Above the point balance, Heroes should comprise the majority of team compositions for most competitive games. 

Tier A - The focal point of balance. These Heroes should see no changes, given their current abilities in competitive high level play. 

Tier B - Somewhat strong, but not competitively viable in all situations. These Heroes are generally more difficult to place on a team than higher tiered Heroes. High player skill with individuals in this pool is likely to still sway a match up in your favor, but there are generally better picks.

Tier C - Considered weak. The team composition generally will need to be built around a Hero in this pool to make them work properly. Unlikely to be found in competitive environments, unless the player is considered a master of a Hero. 

Tier D - Very low pick rate and or competitively non-viable even in the hands of masters.

Paragon Roles

1. Offlane (Off) - Predominantly used by Fighters or Mages with a strong poke and clear. Their primary role is to build relatively "tanky" with some damage so that they can continually poke the enemy to push waves back.

2. Mid Lane or Middle Lane (Mid) - Predominantly used by Mages with strong clear and high utility. Their primary role is to clear as quickly as possible and to support the jungler if able and to alert the team if the opposing laner leaves. 

3. ADC (Duo) - Predominantly used by Rangers on safe lane, the ADC role tends to work alongside a Support Hero or when solo laning and scales enormously by end game.

4. Support or Safe Lane (Support) - Predominantly used by Casters, their role is to carry the ADC through their lane. ADC's tend to become more powerful as the game progresses, so they need the support of others to assist in lane clear and coordinated spikes.

5. Jungle (J) - Predominantly used by Assassins (and some Tanks), a Jungler's role is to assist Solo Lane and Mid Lane but to also thin out the creatures in the jungle so that your team mates can quickly pickup the buffs that they drop. I would argue that this is one of the more difficult roles in Paragon as you need exceptional map awareness. 

Tier List Movement ↑ 

↓ Moved Wukong to C Tier. Brings very little to a team fight and his split push potential is easily dealt with as long as someone baby sits him. 

↑ Moved Morigesh to S Tier. Greater mana costs but she remains exceptional with any Blight card and Tainted Magick.

↓ Moved Steel to C Tier. As much as I love his kit, Ablative Armor is too easily removed and Shield Slam too predictable.  

↓ Moved Aurora to D Tier. Hard-countered by cards, terrible basic attack damage, a one-shot wonder. 

↑ Moved Grux to S Tier. Incredible in team fights thanks to his pull and stun. Also amazingly "tanky" when built right.

↓ Moved Gideon to C Tier. Easily countered by a stun, limited poke in Cosmic Rift. 

↓ Moved Crunch to B Tier. Solid crowd control, excellent damage and a strong front-line. 

↓ Moved Murdock to C Tier. Besides his global Ultimate (which is still strong), his newly revised passive kit offers nothing of value.

↑ Moved Wraith to B Tier. Good vision and poke, and his rewind (Back it up!) is undeniably useful. Likely to climb once Wards are changed. 

↑ Added Zinx to A Tier. If built with survivability in mind, she offers good damage, poke and utility. 

Tier S+




Phase Caster Support Undeniably the queen of Paragon. A blind that lasts an age, a 1900 unit pull, a ridiculous Ultimate and a guaranteed root. She's massively over-tuned.

Tier S




Dekker Caster Support There's no doubting that her slow and stun are very strong. Her damage is OK, her means of escape invaluable and her Ultimate strong. In an organised setting her combined kit can allow her team to deal high damage to the opposition.
Howitzer Caster Mid/Support His damage early game is high thanks to his ranged poke and he has reasonable pushing capability with a combination of AOE attacks, grenades and mines. His Ultimate fires at frightening speed and can pair really well with just about anyone. Bags of utility. 
Lt. Belica Mage Mid Solid wave clear, good team fight damage thanks to Void Bomb and Drone and with an Ultimate that's capable of executing any opponent who's low health. She's amazing after her buffs.
Revenant Ranger ADC Very strong 1 on 1 but his need to reload combined with Obliterate lacking value in team fights limits his potential.
Khaimera Fighter Jungle Incredible with Phase, fantastic jungle clear, still capable of high damage with full-tank build and a reliable spike against Phase.
Morigesh Mage Offlane Incredible early game poke, a very strong Ultimate for finishing players and Hive is very frustrating to deal with.
Sevarog Tank/Jungler Offlane/Jungle Amazing in Monolith thanks to his ability to gain Soul Stacks quickly, while he can comfortably jungle or offlane. His clear is good, his root invaluable and he deals tons of damage.
Twinblast Ranger ADC His mobility (Rocketdash) combined with his slow provide him with much needed lane survivability and he can quite comfortably rip through any melee Hero late game.

Tier A




Kwang Fighter Jungler/Offlane Mana hungry but amazing burst, strong in offlane and amazing at jungling. Surprisingly useful for spiking down opponents in an instant.
Greystone Fighter Offlane His kit might be Passive, but it's still strong. He's more than capable of handling offlane well thanks to his clear and damage while his Ultimate ability having a slow is exceptional. He can tower dive, constantly pressure squishy targets and still make it out alive.
Grux Fighter Jungle A favorite Hero and one remains strong. He has an excellent escape, an strong stun and a highly useful pull - even if it is rather short. 
Narbash Caster Support His movement speed combined with his stun is excellent, while he counters Phase particularly well if builty "tanky".
Rampage Tank Jungle/Support His stun is still amazingly useful and if paired with Phase, he can gain fantastic survivability.
Zinx Caster Offlane Lots of utility and personal sustain, she also has good zoning, a valuable stun and DOT pressure.

Tier B




Crunch Fighter Jungle/Offlane Stinger Booster combined with a couple of active cards can allow Crunch to carry fairly hard. Still requires a skilled player but his knock-up alone is amazing.
Countess Assassin Mid/Offlane Excellent wave clear and very strong early game. She can comfortably hold off and mid-lane and with health being less valuable, can easily burst down opponents quickly in this squishy meta. Her only downside is the fact a single stun can kill her instantly.
Feng Mao Fighter Jungle/Offlane Feng Mao is a versatile melee Hero that's capable of not only dealing eye watering damage, but he also has some mobility and survivability through his shielding. With his attacks cleaving and capable of hitting hard, during early, mid and late game he's strong.
Gadget Caster Mid With a newly improved Sticky Mine, Gadget offers fantastic AOE pressure, can defend a tower incredibly well and in team fights, her Ultimate is exceptional for dealing damage and zoning the enemy.
Gideon Caster Mid With reasonable wave clear, high poke damage and mobility thanks to his teleport (Torn Space) he can be very strong. His Ultimate still leaves him vulnerable to crowd control and coordinated teams can prevent it instantly.
Grim.exe Ranger ADC A static Ultimate that deals terrible damage and is easily blocked. No "outs" and with the exception of his slow, offering little over other carries.
Serath Caster Offlane/Jungle A powerful Ultimate and ridiculous damage late game, but also easily kited and requires exceptional positioning. Strongest when jungling.
Sparrow Ranger ADC with the right draft she's undoubtedly one of the strongest carries thanks to her Ultimate ability and high attack damage. Even better with Phase.
The Fey Caster Support/Offlane Reasonable utility, respectable damage and strong Ultimate. Held back purely on the basis that the meta is all about stunning players which she lacks outside of her Ultimate.
Wraith Caster Mid/Support Excellent vision, Back It Up! is fantastic and solid poke in Knock, Knock!

Tier C




Kallari Assassin Offlane/Jungle Still hard countered by Shadow Wards and her Ultimate is only good for finishing off players that are near death. Brings little to a team until Wards are changed.
Murdock  Ranger ADC Still very strong in the right hands despite a heavily passive kit. His Global Ultimate is still fantastic.
Muriel Support Support Better shielding and a global presence, she's still useless compared to Phase and Dekker.
Riktor Tank Support A longer base pull and with Stab Link, Riktor can cause problems. Unfortunately and against Phase, he's pretty useless.
Steel  Tank Support His rework is good, but Ablative Armor is too easily removed and he's too squishy without it.
Wukong Fighter Offlane Good at defending offlane, an incredible split-pusher and unrivalled at burning down OP. Let down by very poor team fighting.
Yin Ranger ADC Amazing damage, utility and mobility, but recently nerfed and lacking burst against Twinblast/Sparrow.

Tier D




Aurora Fighter Offlane One of the few hard-counters to Phase, as long as the rest of her team don't build Purity Censor.
Iggy & Scorch Caster Offlane His turrets are easy to kill, he's incredibly squishy and his turrets provide experience to the enemy team. He can still push, but he's far weaker than he was.
Shinbi Fighter Offlane She's fun to play but has very poor win rates right now. She lacks the utility and versatility of every hero to even compete

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Last Updated: Aug 01, 2017

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