A new patch message is up! Froooooaaaaak!

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*** Headlines ***

- The quest to rescue the frogloks has begun!
- Experience a new instanced adventure area in Everfrost!
- Explore a new instanced adventure area in the Feerrott!
- Solo writs available for level 45+ players!
- You can now customize your in-game music!

*** The Return of the Frogloks ***

- New information has surfaced that indicates the noble frogloks are being held captive in the Feerrott!
- Frogloks in West Freeport and Castleview Hamlet can direct adventurers on the quest to help release this honorable race from the bonds of tyranny.
- Complete the quest for yourself and create your own froglok character! This quest is well-suited for solo players in their upper 20s, or groups in their lower 20s.
- Defeat the powerful evil force binding the froglok spirit and you'll make frogloks available for everyone on your server! This epic battle will require a full raid force of powerful adventurers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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