Patch Notes

Vanguard Patch Notes 2/2/2007 for build 1733.


Game Update February / 02 / 2007

Vanguard Patch Notes 2/2/2007 for build 1733


- Enemies will no longer be tagged by damage over time spells and attacks after you have died.

- Enemies will no longer show as “aggro” as the result of damage over time spells and attacks after you have died.

- You will no longer gain or lose faction from an NPC your group killed if you're not involved in the kill.

- You now receive an alert message each time you progress in ability learning for an ability, instead of only at the start and the end.

- Fixed a bug that was causing inflated PvP spell damage.

- Reenabled coin storage for banks. You can now drag and drop coin from your inventory into your bank. Note: Coin storage in banks is global, you may access your banked coin from any bank, not just the bank you deposited it in.


- Bard – Increased the movement modifier on Tynen’s Melody of Acceleration to 28%

- Bard – Decreased the movement modifier on Tynen's Coda of Velocity to 3% from 5%

- Bard - Decreased the movement modifier on Tynen's Strain of the Swift to 2% from 3%

- Druid - Star Mantle should now last three hits.

- Druid - Summon Ancient Colossus is now obtained at level 50

- Druid - Retooled the abilities on the Ancient and Elder Colossi.

- Necromancer - Adjusted the level at which Necromancers can obtain the Art of Death quest (Rest of the Dead) from Level 16 to Level 20. If you have previously completed this quest line and did not automatically learn Rest of the Dead, check your trainer and it should be available at level 20.

- Necromancer – Removed Claw of Stunning, Face of Fright and Face of Cowering from the game. If you had these items they will now show up as red circles with red strikes through them. Please delete these from your inventories. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Necromancer – Renamed Poison Claw to be Poisonous Claw.

- Necromancer – Poisonous Claw should now be functioning

- Necromancer – Adjusted Poisonous Claw to the correct levels.

- Necromancer – Renamed Gouging Claw to Diseased Claw.

- Necromancer – Adjusted Diseased Claw to the correct levels.

- Necromancer – Diseased Claw should now be functioning

- Necromancer – Adjusted Sapping Claw to the correct levels.

- Necromancer – Sapping Claw should now be functioning

- Warrior – Most commands now have seconds durations rather than number of attacks or hits.


- Crafting Advisors have more information! If you need information on crafting, visit your local crafting advisor.

- Fixed issue with tin rune of strength that was preventing it from working properly

- Updated etching knives to be flagged as the proper tool type

- Updated improved saws to be flagged as proper tool type

- Fixed issue with some bags that were not allowing you to put certain items in them

- Reduced drop rate on orbs drastically

- Removed Ladle from tables as it is not used

- Fixed issue with some repair tools not being recognized

- Updated all adventuring light armor base AC values

- Improved saw now acts like a saw, not a chisel.

- Khal trainers should now have the novice grip recipe.

- Kojan and Ahgram now also have merchants that sell unusual or special crafting items.

- Sharon Whelson will now properly change your trade if you are not an outfitter.

- Increased crafting skill gain.

- Added crafting gear upgrade recipes to Outfitter instructors.

- Adding raw resources to work orders now give quality increase.

- Leth Nurae taskmasters now pause much longer in their routes around the crafting area.

- Boosted faction rewards for the following crafting quests: Arming the Shaletooth
Tower, Shaletooth Armor, and Shaletooth Weaponry.


- “Sidestepping” is now a timed quest of ten minutes.

- Increase the Watch now gives an even better correct Accuracy buff.

- There are now Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informants in Tawar Galan, Qa Riverbank, and Dark Horse Downs for your Information trading needs!
- Ongoing deck fixes.

- Graag, Sassti, and Cassus now have a short leash – they want to kill varanthari, but not to the point that they’ll actually chase you across Lomshir.

- New Diplomacy quests added to Three Rivers.

- Janus Thunderaxe no longer thinks he has anything to do with newbie diplomats and should no longer offer any quests.

- The comedic troop, Three and a Half Fools, has made a stop in Three Rivers and has a few quests for curious diplomats.

- The Messenger Boots will now give the card “Well-Traveled Wisdom.” To get this card, right click the boots to put them on, and then right click them again to get the card. From then on, you can drag the item to and from your bag and retain the card. The card “Well-Traveled Wisdom” can only be played if you are wearing the boots.

- Coin values of Diplomacy clothing adjusted.

- Rarity values of Diplomacy clothing adjusted.

- There is now a safe path from the docks of New Targonor to the continent of Thestra. King Targonor Furth has agreed to open a corridor from the docks to the bridge to the mainland. Watchmen and Enforcers will allow ALL players to proceed. All House guards, and the King’s guard, will attack KOS races on sight.

- Martok – The bar fights and war drums have faded just enough for people to start talking again in the city of Martok. The civic diplomacy trainer is hooked up and ready to go in Martok as are the soldiers and crafters in the city. This will hit the Friday morning patch.

- Mekalia – The Gnomes have finally figured out what the upsiders call “Diplomacy” and have readily adopted the custom of doing what other people tell them to do. On Friday’s patch Civic Diplomacy will be ready in Mekalia for soldiers and crafters.

- Consequently, some gnome constables have grown confused as to what they should be doing: practicing swordplay, or talking about their feelings. The Downside is getting almost as confusing as the Upside these days.

- Information Brokers should now be asking for, and taking, the correct amount of information.

- The Civic Diplomacy Benefit “Right of Way” now is giving the right percentage of benefit.

- Clergy Civic Diplomacy now active in Tanvu.

- Academic Civic Diplomacy now active in Tanvu.

- Info loot drop rates adjusted.


- Rendjaw should now have the correct model

- Ants in the quest “Ants Underfoot” should correctly assist each other

- Luc Beou should now have a body (everyone needs one, after all)

- Dracosnap Hunters should now have the correct model

- Faction changes in the Coast of Ahgramun should now show the correct names

- Death text has been fixed for all Cult of Tauth supporters

- The Angoer Bunkers have had a speed tunnel installed.

- Pyromaw Cubs should now release their spiritual essence when defeated

- Bordinar’s Cleft – The Ridge Prowlers of Bordinar’s Cleft have had population adjustment to be much more in-line with player progression.

- Bordinar’s Cleft - Miner Youngsteel no longer speaks as if he is Miner Yulas in the quest “Ale For Grandir”

- Dahknarg - Adjusted aggro radii for several mobs on the road between Dahknarg and Halgarad.

- Dahknarg - Modified the Blood Howler Runner in Dahknarg. He's now more focused on getting his messages to the Bloodhowler camp and less focused on chasing people down--that is unless you have lots of negative faction with the Bloodhowlers!

- Evendusk Fortress - Moved the death location for the area around Evendusk Fortress closer to Evendusk Fortress itself.

- House of Fallen Leaves - Mailbox added to House of Fallen Leaves

- Mekalia - Ranged Weapon Vendor added within the gates of Mekalia

- Mekalia - Quests missing coin reward have been corrected to award appropriate amounts of coin

- Missive Boards - Missives are now selectable by the player and players are able to accept multiple missives at a time for the level range

- Missive Boards - Missives are now affected by a minimum level and a maximum level, players outside the scope in either direction are inable to partake in them

- Missive Boards - The Missive Task, “Task for Three Rivers: Road to Bordinar’s Cleft” now completes in the field upon meeting the requirements

- Missive Boards - The Missive Task, “Task for Three Rivers: Greater Stonesmashers” is now working as intended

- New Targonor - The New Targonor guard plowed the road from their great castle through to Three Rivers… much, much safer to travel on now for players of all levels!

- Temple of Dailuk - Overland population layout has been redone and thinned out some to make it easier to take more than two steps.

- Temple of Dailuk - The missive boards now lets you choose which and how many missives you want, according to your level. This change will soon be coming to all missive boards.

- Temple of Dailuk - The Caverns of Noztgha population has been adjusted to be more suitable for trio groups, rather than requiring a full group.

- Temple of Dailuk - Several quests have been added to the residents of the beacons. Look for those quest bangs!

- Temple of Dailuk - Quest: Deciphering the Journal no longer requires you to return to Archaeologist Palpe Rengoa and now only requires one writing sample. Once you have the sample, you must right-click it in your inventory to complete the quest for further progression. If you are currently on this quest, you will need to abandon it and accept it again from Archaeologist Palpe Rengoa at the Beacon of Hafeez al'Azzimat.

- Temple of Dailuk - Adjusted the loot rewards for finishing quest line in Caverns of Noztgha.

- Temple of Dailuk - Nerksawl has even less depth perception with his one eye and will aggro players at a much lesser distance.

- Themnwar’s Shield - Greatly reduced the spawn rate of “Stonebane” at Themnwar’s Shield

- Tursh - Additional delivery quest added in Tursh to help direct solo players.

- Three Rivers - Signs added to the path from Three Rivers to New Targonor

- Three Rivers - Removed grotesque means of accomplishing the “Arms” quests in Three Rivers

- Three Rivers - The quest “Outlaws: Rewarding Our Heroes” has been fixed

- Three Rivers - Saps associated with Barsagal’s quest lines now stack in amounts equivalent (or greater) to amount required for completion

- Three Rivers - Chickens and Sheep no longer appear with white names within Three Rivers

- Three Rivers - Clusters of Draven’s Outlaws have been adjusted to be more solo / duo friendly

- Quests - “Corrupt Cyclopes” has had some minor changes primarily to help lead players to the correct completion NPC

- Quests - Minor text changes and Travel Journal Entries added to the following quests:

- Talons of Telon

- Dissention

- Stifling Supply Lines

- Assist the Primalist

- Prisoners of the Coven

- A Solemn Request

- What Are They Looking For

Bind Stones
- Added a bind stone near Jalen’s Crossing

- Added a bind stone near Autumnglow Outpost


- You will now be able to abandon a timed quest.


- You will now see a message when a VanguardPlayers image is taken.

- 22 new socials have been added. Type "/listcommands emote" for a list of all socials.

- Half Elf NPCs will now play half elf sounds instead of Kojani human sounds.

- Item links should now always show the correct stats and equipment expertise for the person viewing the item.

- Auto Coin Split now defaults to on for groups.

- You should now no longer be able to mail items and coin to yourself. This was always the intent. You can still mail items and coin to alts.

- Items can now be sent as cash on delivery through the mail system. On the receiving end, players will get a confirmation for the total amount to take the item that includes the cash on delivery cost and the shipping cost.

~The Vanguard Team

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