Patch Notes

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has a new patch. A few highlights:

Abammisi Lake – Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is intended for players levels 45-50.
- Afrit - There is now a warrior trainer within Afrit.
- Dahknarg - Updated and corrected some travel journal entries pertaining to instructors and armor vendors in Dahknarg.
- The Deebs – Jagund the Wavebreaker is now more difficult, although he still remains unitemized.
- Fisher’s Pen – You will no longer be attacked by overland creatures when attempting to use the outfitter fitting table.
- Gorgalok - The Gorgalok Champion event is now available more often.
- Gorgalok - Tishra the Bloodpriest will now reset after sitting unagro for 15 minutes.
- Gorgalok - Fixed a visual problem with the Spore Destroyers in the Gorgalok Region.
- Gulgrethor - Gulgrethor Soldier’s will now give the correct faction change upon death.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016