Provisioners rejoice!

*** Gameplay ***

  • Priest and mage Training spells should share a reuse timer with the spells they are based on. Spells not intended to be linked should no longer be on the same reuse timer.
  • Fixed a provisioner quest that was causing a blank Enemy Mastery window to halt the player's progress. Affected characters should now receive their queued quest rewards.
  • Added the recipes for feyiron plate and feyiron rings to "Armorer Essentials Volume 30."
  • Added the recipes for fulginate plate and fulginate rings to "Armorer Essentials Volume 40."
  • Added the recipes for broadcloth yarn and broadcloth thread to "Tailor Essentials Volume 30."
  • Added the recipes for rough linen yarn and rough linen thread to "Tailor Essentials Volume 40."
  • Fixed a provisioner workshop task that gave an unintentionally low coin reward.
  • Plantains have been found growing in Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes. Alchemists seem especially interested in this discovery.
  • Changed all armorer recipes for rings and plate to use the metal shaping technique with metal shaping reaction arts. Armorers using these recipes should now be able to create them in a forge and properly counter the events that appear.
  • Certain contested boss creatures should now represent a greater challenge for large, well equipped groups.
  • The quest leading to the Sanctum of Fear can now be completed, and additional rewards have been added.
  • The Krathuk encounter in Everfrost should now be more challenging.
  • The success chance of all priest "divine intervention" spells is now based on the tier of the spell. For example, an Adept I version of the spell is more likely to succeed than the Apprentice II version. In addition, all such spells now have a 30 second reuse timer.
  • The amount of health restored by the inquisitor's Redemption spell has been adjusted to be in line with other divine intervention spells.
  • The mariner's bell leading to Orcish Wastes from Thundering Steppes should now light up for players on the access quest. For those who have failed to complete the event, clicking the bell will tell you how long you must wait before trying again.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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