All kinds of goodies in today's patch - new dungeons, revamped traits, UI improvements, and even examine sheet data on player-crafted food and drink! Woooot!

Here's the patch note headlines - click through 'Read More' to see the details!


Update Notes: January 06, 2005 1/6/2005 8:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- Tons of new quests, mostly for solo players!
- Two new dungeons available for groups at levels 25 to 30!
- Character Differentiation choices have been reset for all characters. See details below.
- New Character Differentiation option: Training!
- Lots of artisan recipe and ability fixes!
- Eat healthy! New examine information added to explain the benefits of food and drink!
- Brawlers get built-in shields!
- Guild followers can spend the status they earn at city merchants!
- Now easier to equip rings, wrist items, and weapons!
- Slash that dot! Maps now show your current heading!
- Lots of UI tweaks and enhancements!
- More bug fixes than you can shake a moss snake at!

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