More on Blizzard's future plans ... WoW and otherwise!

IGN have posted an interview with Paul Sams, Blizzard's Chief Operating Officer, in which he discusses the expansion pack, the upcoming Warcraft movie, and other glimpses of future Blizz plans...

'The expansion has taken longer than we've liked, and we'll admit that," Sams explained. "We've always been a focused company when it comes to content and quality, so it's taken us a bit longer than we anticipated." In addition to quality control, Sams chalks up the delay in the release on all the live content updates the WoW developers have been working on as well as having to balance the game for such a huge number of players.

Even though Burning Crusade has taken a bit longer than expected, Blizzard seems to be dedicated to bringing new content to World of Warcraft on a regular basis. "The plan is to put out an expansion every 12 months after Burning Crusade," Sams told us. Sams also let us know that The Burning Crusade will be in beta "soon," and is on track for a Winter 2006 release.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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