Pokemanime revisted.

Perfect World is building off of its recent successful launch of Perfect World International with a brand new game named Ether Saga Online. The game features stylized graphics that hearkens towards Anime with some Pokeman type pets thrown in. I first caught wind of this through my blog trodding over at Gamebunny but the official website is now up and operational with the introductory trailer at Ether Saga Online. It is amazing how closely the style reminds me of SOE's Free Realms, but since Perfect World has been out for quite sometime, I'm not sure who is copying who anymore. I also have to agree with Gamebunny on the issue of including "online" in the title of games. I think we should assume all games are online and those that aren't should include "offline" in their titles now. Look for Ether Saga Online to reach our shores in 2009.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016