Time to set sail for a new server.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is moving in a different direction for supporting the players in Australia. The current publishing agreement for PotBS in Australia with Bigpond appears to be expiring soon and Flying Labs has decided to move in a different direction. I always use the term "moving in a different direction" when I talk about people breaking off wedding plans, companies firing employees or developers cutting off service contracts. This way nobody gets their feelings hurt in public while in the corner office somewhere, someone is kicking their cat.

Fret not Australia your characters are able to transfer to a new server with port battle times custom-made for at least one of your time zones (doesn't Australia have about five time zones?). The bigger benefit for you lot is that you will be the first to play on the test servers with the new avatar combat.

PotBS is using the new avatar combat and changing of the publishing guard to employ some new marketing efforts which appear to be having some success. Look for more information about the new avatar combat and server transitions at Pirates of the Burning Sea.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016