Pirates versus Pirate, matey. I'm no player!

The Burning Sea team has a new developer log up, and this one discusses the many considerations which go into balancing your PvP game.

Player versus Player conflict is one of the cornerstones of Pirates of the Burning Sea, and the primary avenue for that is our Conquest system. We’re in the process of making some fairly major changes to the Conquest system. We wanted to take a moment and explain those changes, and the reasoning behind them. There are a handful of major areas I want to address: port defense, increased PvP zones, and PvP rewards.

The first issue I want to talk about is port defense. Port defense is not supposed to be easy. While it is not supposed to be impossible (thus all the issues with economic ‘bombing’), defense is supposed to be harder than offense. The natural progression of the game world should not be towards stasis, but towards conflict. You’re supposed to be able to defend ports that are important to you, but a ‘perfect defense’ where none of your ports enter contention, should be nigh on impossible. Defending your ports should, most of the time, mean showing up for the port battle and kicking some ass, not stopping the battle from ever happening.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016