Nine pages of pirate secrets.

YouGamers has a 9-page review of Pirates of the Burning Sea posted, so if you want some indepth analysis of the game, check it out.

Even before Blizzard planted down their flag to lay claim to the massively multiplayer online games territory by launching World of Warcraft, there has been no shortage of ambitious development teams hoping to join the gravy train to "print money" with a popular subscription-based online game. World of Warcraft redefined the standard that players expect from a MMORPG, and since then the market has been dotted with failures - all deep in development at the time when the standard got redefined by Blizzard. The only game that was conceived before Blizzard's epic that got even close in quality is probably The Lord of the Rings Online. Flying Lab Software has been cooking up their pirate MMO for five years, so it's a pre-WoW effort. Can it possibly compete?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016