Flying Labs developers need your help in testing a new system. Called "skirmish" it will create a four team battle with 12 ships on each side for a total of 48. The first 48 to show up tomorrow on the Test server at 3:45 PST get to see how well it works. Oh and participants apparently get a nifty title but the complete announcement is below:

This will be a ship Skirmish event on the Testbed server, which we have dubbed “the Battle of Gull Point”. Using the magic of the skirmish system, you will be transported into a great four-sided battle where you will need to use all of your ship combat skills to defeat your opponents.

There will be 48 places (12 ships per team), first come first served. If more than 48 people are there, the extras can create their own skirmish battle. The event is open to players of all levels.

We’ll be running the event at 3.45pm PST / 11.45pm GMT. Meet us on the dock at Marsh Harbour, and we’ll get you levelled up to 50 before the skirmish starts at 4pm PST / Midnight GMT.

Participants in this event will receive a special title, “Gull Point Veteran”, when 1.13 is released to the live servers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016