It's time to set sail...again!

Typically the not-so-fine print on 14-day trial offer includes the words "for new players only." Flying Labs has decided to leave that qualifier off of their latest trial offer and now returning players can venture back into Pirates of the Burning Sea as well as new players. Flying Labs has made a number of changes to the game and wants to give everyone a chance to see the new and improved game. The team has improved many facets of the game that were either not addressed at launch or just needed a face lift. There are new classes, and the ship combat has been redesigned in addition to an improved chat system. For those who have been away for a while and want to see the latest changes, the Pirates of the Burning Sea website has all of the information you need. and then you can register your 14 day trial with your SOE Station account.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016