You may have noticed a little 'Database' link in the PlayerScore navigation, and if you didn't... well here is a gigantic one, just for you...


The database contains all the items, quests, npcs and more from you're favorite MMO. What makes our database superior to competitors? We have combined a wow database with the power of PlayerScore and GearScore, and we'll be introducing additional features to sync the two powerhouses into even more sweetness.

The database is currently in Alpha and may experience a few bugs here or there. If you notice any of the data acting badly, complain on our forums and we'll send it packeting!

Help us out!

If you re-download the PlayerScore updater today, you'll get the newest version of PlayerScore, and have the option to enable a collector, which will help us fill up our database with more quests, items, and other wow items. The collector is completely optional, but if you want to install it you must re-install PlayerScore to get it.


Yes, that pun was completely intended! You should have forseen the seer-ing pain of my puns coming, as punishment for not giving me all your halloween candy last year.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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