Which Will You Build First:

Druid or Monk?

By Ralsu

In his href="http://ddo.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=319">Ten
Ton Hammer exclusive interview
in October 2006, Dungeons & Dragons Online Lead Game Systems
Designer David Eckelberry told us that 2007 will see two new classes
added to DDO:

I see DDO reaching Level 20 at the end of 2007 or early
2008. It is my
private goal for next year to introduce two new classes, and then start
ahead for epic levels and prestige classes in the second half of the

We asked for clarity, and Eckelberry confirmed that the classes would
indeed be the druid and the monk. So, we know it's coming. We just
don't know when. Later in that same interview, the Turbine gang
projected that Module 4 will be reworking Enhancements, something href="http://ddo.tentonhammer.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=728&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0">Samera
also mentioned
on the forums. If Module 4 covers Enhancements, perhaps the 2 new
classes will come in Module 5 or an expansion? Well, let's not get
carried away about the idea of an expansion. My contacts at Turbine
have told me no expansion is confirmed at this time as I noted in my href="http://ddo.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=386">DDO
Wish List.

Okay, forget trying to nail down how the update will come. Let's think
about what we're going to do once we have access to these two classes.
Which should I build first: druid or monk?

The Case for the Druid

It sucks that clerics are the only healing class. And don't try to
count bards, paladins, or rangers. They don't get enough spell points
to heal in the end game. If I want to heal, I have to play cleric. The
druid, with its healing spells and nature-themed buffs will be a
welcomed addition to DDO.

And let's not forget shape-shifting. Starting at Level 5, druids should
be able to use Wild Shape to take the shape of an animal. In DDO stays
true to its pen-and-paper (PnP) roots, taking the form of an animal
should allow druids to communicate with enemies and possibly avoid

And of course, there's the animal companion. Druids should be able to
get a little extra damage or scout ahead with their animal companions.
If Turbine does it right, druids should be able to cast self-only
spells on the animal companion.

Finally, druid spells are a great mixture of conjurations,
transmutations, enchantments, and evocations granted by nature. Druids
will be able to act as the lone healer for a party with ample buffs and
heals. They'll also have good crowd control spells once more plant
enemies are added to DDO. If all else fails, druids should have access
to a healthy amount of direct damage spells.

The Case for the Monk

Overlooking the fact that we can't make a gnome monk (scientifically
the most awesome thing ever), monks will dramatically change the way we
think about DDO. They bring good damage, a fine selection of Feats, and
some class benefits that will make them a force to be noticed in

Let's start with the Feats. For players looking to build solid damage
machines, monks get access to bonus Feats in the low levels, which will
make them a great starting point that multi-classes well with fighters.
Alternatively, it will be easy to pick up only a few levels of monk at
any point in a build to feel the benefits.

As for monk class benefits, monks gain Evasion at Level 2. This means
all those fighter X/paladin Y/rogue 2 builds will become a thing of the
past. Monk will become the hot new splash class. Add 2 levels to get
Evasion. Add a third to get Still Mind, which grants +2 for saves
against Enchantments. At fourth level, monks can use their bare hands
as magical weapons to penetrate damage reduction in enemies.

If it weren't for the fact that monks get class Feats that make them
immune to disease and poison, monk would be a class that begs to be
warforged. Think of being able to dish out fantastic damage bare-handed
and get all of the benefits of the warforged armor Feats! But those
builds that splash monk--oh boy, will warforged work nicely there!

Ralsu doesn't know which class to
build first. Do you?
style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(219, 201, 125);">

Will you build a druid or a monk first?

  • Druid! I've been waiting for so long!
  • Monk! Gonna feed Velah some knuckle sandwiches!
  • I will make one of each.
  • Neither. These classes don't appeal to me.
  • I'm not starting over for any class. Turbine needed them
    all at launch.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016