Dude! You know what a good choice for ranged DPS would be? They should put in the...

With all the anticipation of what the final classes will be for the Elves, there's a lot of speculation floating around out there."What could be used for Ranged DPS? Have you thought about this class? What about the one that does that thing?". Well not to be left behind, we here at Ten Ton Hammer drop a little speculation of our own!

Having already chosen the Arch Mage for the healing class, I don't think that they'll go for a second finger wiggling class but instead rely on the time honored fantasy tradition of Elven Archery and who better to fit that class than the Shadow Warrior.

Wanna see what classes I think are around the corner for these Archtypes? You can check it out here

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016