Misha Updates Us On Beta!

Another update on the official site for Pirates of the Burning Sea brings us an update on beta in Misha's Developer Blog.

I've managed to duck Aether since May but he finally caught up with me... I can't even begin to list all the changes to the Beta since May. We've added tons more people, established a regular schedule for the sessions and then changed that schedule, and I've got new GMs helping me to the point I no longer have to work the weekends to run the Beta. This makes for a much less cranky Misha!

Currently, our schedule is very focused on North/South American availability. If you're a Beta tester not in my hemisphere, chances are you can only play once per week. By far, the most whining I hear from Beta testers is that they don't get to play, er, test often enough. ;-)

Don't miss out...Keep reading to learn what else has changed in beta! Are you going to don your pirate gear and jump on into Pirates of the Burning Sea? Let us know about it in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016