Because anything with a "Gunboat Swarm" has to be cool...

Flying Lab Software has just released a devlog detailing the Group Conquest Missions that will be introduced to the game with the next patch, v. 1.3. These are repeatable group (4-6 player) missions that will give your faction a boost in conquering enemy ports.

Here's a snippet from the devlog:

For the aggressor side, I decided to bolster the fort’s defenses with a “gunboat swarm.” While gunboats are small ships (with only one cannon!), they can be dangerous in large numbers. They also provide a very interesting challenge due to the fact that their cannon points straight off the bow. The vast majority of ships attempt to sail parallel or perpendicular to their target, while the gunboat simply sails straight at you. This makes them difficult to engage, and requires new tactics. On the other hand, it’s very fun and satisfying to see them go down in one broadside!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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