A Pirates of the Burning Sea Q&A with Kevin Maginn

Every few months, an announcement lands in your email inbox that takes your breath away. That was the situation when I was directed towards a recent dev journal entry on the Pirates of the Burning Sea main site. The news was enormous: Flying Labs Software had partnered with Sony Online Entertainment's Platform Publishing label in an attempt to get Pirates of the Burning Sea on retail store shelves across the globe. Coincidentally, a Q&A from Flying Labs Software's lead designer, Kevin Maginn, had recently appeared in my email inbox, and in the contents he hints at the big announcement that arrived this week. However, the majority of the interview covers functions of PotBS gameplay issues, and Ten Ton Hammer hopes you find the Q&A informative and entertaining!

We're adding difficulty sliders to the game, so that you can increase the challenge you'll face in a mission. This also applies to group size, so that in a large group with the difficulty slider set to the maximum, you can expect to face extremely challenging battles in every mission. Some of our players find our ship combat to be inherently challenging, but others want harder fights with more risk and more reward. We're trying to accommodate both tastes.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016