What happens in Bermuda stays in Bermuda.

In their latest in-depth Pirates of the Burning Sea feature article, GameSpot takes a close look at the supernatural encounters that can be found in the game, which are largely centered on the Bermuda Triangle area.

The game's "supernatural content" will be inspired by the kind of superstition that was common on the high seas. You can expect to see voodoo magic, the ghosts of men wronged, and maybe even a ghost ship or two (piloted by shambling zombie pirates). This type of content will apparently make up about 10-15% of the game's total experience, and will be largely localized in the part of the world that has come to be known as the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. If you don't care to fight zombies or solve supernatural quests, you won't even need to visit the area, given that you'll be able to advance all the way to the game's initial maximum level of 50 through sea battles and economic trading if you care to instead.

See the article over at GameSpot.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016