Death Knight Abilities (Part 3)

In our third installment of Death Knight abilities, this time we focus on both several control abilities for the Death Knight, almost right off the bat, and the final abilities for the Unholy Tree. Will they aid you, or should you look into other trees before going way deep into the Unholy Tree as you level or PvP?

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Part 1 (Basics)

Part 2 (Advanced Abilities)

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Chains of Ice look like Enslave Demon's chains on a monster.

Control Abilities

Chains of Ice - Shackles the target with heavy chains, reducing their movement to zero. The target regains 5% of their movement each second. Lasts for 20 seconds.

This ability is very handy for those who will not be bringing a lot of CC with their Death Knight groups, or will be relying on several Death Knights to entertain monsters, although its primary use will likely be within PvP Scenarios. With this ability, you may kite at will, and currently it is not under any sort of diminishing returns. The ability will surely benefit against runners as well! Great thing you learn this without expending any talents.




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Death and Decay makes a comeback into the Warcraft world.

Death&Decay - Corrupts the ground targeted by the Death Knight, causing 72 Shadow damage every sec that targets remain in the area for 10 sec. Targets have a chance to cower in fear for 2 sec. This ability produces a high amount of threat.

Death and Decay is one of those abilities that allow you to deal damage and sow disarray against the enemy forces. Looked at as the 'opposite', or 'evil' version of Consecration, this ability both lets you do mini-fears to your enemies and deal damage as they stand in it. This ability will be nice to have as a tank, as it causes a decent amount of threat and may interrupt some blows from being thrown your way!

This ability has been a traditional Death Knight / Lich move from the Warcraft games in the past. In Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Death Knights first started using Death and Decay to damage an area for a certain amount of time. In Warcraft III, it was the Lich's ultimate move, destroying buildings and damaging units incredibly fast.



Unholy Tree ~ Final Moves

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Scourge Strike deals a heavy hit to the enemy.

Scourge Strike (41-point Talent) - An unholy strike that deals 50% weapon damage plus 6 as Shadow damage and inflicting Blood Plague. Any existing heal over time spells on the target become corrupted, dramatically increasing the damage done by the disease and removing the healing effect.

This is one of the more interesting abilities the late Unholy tree has, both dealing a lot of damage (in its current form, as Shadow), and corrupting the Heal over Time spell the target may have active. This ability, along with the others that remove healing effects on targets, will be a great addition to those Death Knights interested in fighting in the Arenas and messing their opponents' strategies with this ability.


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Unholy Blight may not be that showy, but it'll stack with your other abilities nicely.

Unholy Blight (51-point Talent) - A vile swarm of unholy insects surrounds the Death Knight for a 10 yard radius, damaging any enemies caught in the area for 64 Shadow damage per second. Viictims are infected with Blood Plague and the blight itself is considered a second disease while it persists. Lasts 20 seconds.

The final ability in the Unholy Tree, completing the tree by adding yet another possible disease by the Blight it emanates. This, along with Death and Decay, will make being near an Unholy Death Knight a real pain as it'll riddle you with debuffs and make you have the possibility of receiving major damage with the Death Knight's finisher abilities that make all of your diseases go away and deal damage against you.

By itself, it's currently not very powerful, but coupled with all of the abilities and diseases available from the Unholy Tree, this ability will shine when combined with other abilities for maximum disease damage output and disease renewing faster than other trees.


Tune in next time as we go over more Death Knight abilities and their visuals! Expect constant updates to this preview series.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016