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Public Quest Boss: Vampire Lord Neborhest

Official information from EA Mythic

Marshes of Madness Public Quest Boss: Vampire Lord Neborhest

Order players will find the Vampire Lord Neborhest’s tower amidst Mourkain ruins in the Marshes of Madness. Inside they will face many enemies including the long-dead, infamous Orc Warlord, Dork Redeye, risen again as an undead construct, and, of course, the Vampire Lord himself.

Lord Neborhest slammed shut the tome inked with blood and bound in bone. A cloud of dust rose around him. He contorted his wrinkled features into a grin full of ironic revelation and uttered, "With the ending of one civilization comes the beginning of another."

With that, the Vampire Lord carefully placed an Orc skull at the center of a large glyph transcribed on the stone floor of his tower. This was the final element necessary in the necromantic conjuring. After a deliberate wave of his aged hand, a mass of bones and ethereal energy began to swirl. Satisfied, he continued. "And with the turn of every apocalypse this world suffers, I live on, forever learning, forever growing my power. This age shall be no different!"

The necromantic bulk roared to life taking form as a massive undead construct. It was Dork Redeye, the long passed Orc Warlord, infamous for the destruction of the ancient Mourkain Empire. The resurrected beast snarled, awaiting his master's bidding.

Neborhest is of the Necrarchs, a nosferatu bloodline bent on growing their power through the incessant gathering of knowledge of the dark arts. The resting place of the Mourkain Empire, the Marshes of Madness as they have come to be known, has been his place of study for centuries now. And in this time the Vampire Lord has uncovered, and mastered, a wealth of the necromantic secrets of the long past civilization.

In all this time Neborhest's marshes were largely undisturbed. That was until the recent arrival of Thorgrim's Oathbearers. The elite Dwarf regiment braved the twisted marshes on an expedition vital to the arduous campaign to retake Eight Peaks.

The reclusive vampire peered out his narrow window. Through the tainted fog he saw the Dwarfs marching toward his tower. The ancient vampire cackled, amused by the mountain dwellers' fervor. "Such resolve, such determination. It is clear they know not the power they come to face. The era of the Dwarf shall soon pass. Their intrusion into my marsh hastens this inevitability."

Unmoved by the assailants' approach, Nebhorhest retired to his coffin, addressing his new pet in passing. "Rouse me if any live past the tower's defenses."

The undead Orc Warlord, Redeye, roared in anticipation.

The Ten Ton thought:

Ok, this is exciting news to us. The fact that they're bringing Vampires into the story means that we may be lucky enough to see some of the other great races of ancient times, like the Slann or my one of my favorites, The Tomb Kings and their armies sometime soon. While the name conjurs images of taped glasses, pocket protectors, and swirlies, Dork Redeye will probably be anything but a push over. As the former destroyer of the long dead empire of Mourkain, he'll be tough as nails, but not nearly as devestating as Neborhest will be. One of the long dead Vampire Lords and a studied practitioner in the lost art of Necromancy, the killing of Neborhest will take all the skills of several adventurers. I can hardly wait.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016