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Public Quest Boss: Sildaen of Hoeth

Official information from EA Mythic

A few Menhir stones can be found throughout Ulthuan. Together these critical focal points anchor the great Vortex that prevents Chaos' spread throughout the world. Destruction players will be sent to conquer one such stone found in Chrace, the Stone Valetear. There they will meet resistance comprised of every High Elf regiment throughout the Blighted Isle and Chrace. In the end they will be confronted by one of the Archmages of the White Tower, Sildaen of Hoeth.

The Masters of Hoeth had attributed Sildaen's acute magical sense to a gifted bloodline. The talented Archmage knew this to be truer than the respected scholars realized, for his grandsire was among those who created the Vortex to suppress Chaos' spread during the first incursion. His ancestor was among the few selfless and legendary Mages who locked themselves in the timeless void at the Vortex's center to ensure the spell's success for the good of all.

In his youth, Sildaen believed his ancestor spoke to him through the many ley lines that crossed the world, eventually converging on the Vortex. If ever these magical tether lines ebbed and flowed, the Archmage would hear it on the wind; he would see it in his dreams.

Over the years, as Sildaen's proficiency grew, pride took a foothold. He began to dismiss the signs in favor of his own gained knowledge. When news of Malekith's invasion reached his ears, the extent of his pride was matched only by the punishing weight of his guilt. Sildaen fell to his knees and cried to the heavens for forgiveness.

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The Archmage's plea was heard. Like a tidal wave over the jagged coast of the Shadowlands, an overwhelming sensation washed over him. He collapsed. Visions of things, both ethereal and corporeal, flooded his mind. A thousand whispers and screams closed in around him. Most mortals would have crumbled under the cerebral weight, but Sildaen's heart begged for redemption. Defiant strength filled his veins as he rose back to his feet. The training of a thousand years in the White Tower of Hoeth took hold. His mind sifted through the barrage of imagery with a renewed fervor, as if paging through coveted tomes in the Halls of Knowledge.

Sildaen saw Malekith's Black Arks piercing grey clouds off the coast of the Blighted Isle. The imposing citadels landed violently against the cragged cliffs. Boulders fell from the broken ground into the watery darkness below. Rocks rolled one over the other, swirling into a maelstrom until they finally came to a sudden halt, standing tall in symmetrical formation. Brilliant blue lights pierced the centers of the newly formed pillars.

"The Menhir stones," Sildaen whispered to himself as revelation settled in. "Malekith's madness knows no bounds."

The Archmage's apprentice, Variel, rushed into the study.

"I heard a commotion. Is everything in order, master?"

Sildaen responded flatly as he proceeded to sift through the ornate bookcase. "No, everything is not in order, Variel," he answered. "Pride has blinded me." Taking grip of his choice tome and a rune-inlaid staff, he continued. "Alert the Phoenix King's Shining Guard, send word to the Shadow Warriors of the Blighted Isle, and call upon the White Lions of Chrace, then see that my steed is readied."

"To where shall you ride, wise Sildaen?" Variel asked.

"Malekith's armies march toward the Menhir stones," Sildaen answered."To what end I know not, but I do know what I must do. Today, I ride in honor of my ancestors, to preserve that which they toil for across eternity. I ride in defense of the Menhir Valetear. I ride for my redemption.

"For today, the Witch King's armies will suffer true mastery!"

The Ten Ton thought:

So, now we get to go up against a High Elf with parent issues. Awesome! One of the best things about this game is how EA Mythic has really worked in the old lore. The Menhir Stones hold back the original energies of Chaos from the time that the first Phoenix King took up the sword of Khaine and the great ritual was performed. However, that's the past, let's look at the future. Did anyone else see the mention of the White Lions of Chrace? I mean, we've all pretty much guessed by now, but is this a confirmation? It also should be interesting to see what happens if the forces of destruction manage to destroy the Menhir stone. Just one contains an unbelievable amount of power, and it's never been stated whether or not the stones are linked and the destruction of one would shatter the whole thing, or if it would just release whatever amount of the winds of magic it was funneling into the vortex. Interesting stuff to be sure.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016