Puzzle Quest was released by D3 ten years ago and went on to set a precedent for numerous mobile and casual games that have been introduced since then. The reason that the role-playing puzzle game made such an impact was due to the combination of comprehensive RPG and plot-driven aspects with tile-matching as the means to take down opponents in battle. Able to be played on mobile devices, Puzzle Quest is highly accessible, while the character-creation aspect adds to the interactivity and the storyline works to make it an immersive experience for the player. 

There are, naturally, a variety of game developers who elected to use a similar style of play as Puzzle Quest, the range of games transporting us from the wrestling ring to the Vikings.

WWE Champions

The combat in WWE Champions is, like Puzzle Quest, carried out in the form of a tile puzzle. Able to be played as single player or multiplayer, the excitement of the match is conveyed through the game's realistic graphics. The ability to choose your preferred champion is also shared between Puzzle Quest and WWE Champions, despite the former offering fantasy characters while the latter delivers a choice of the real-life wrestling stars who have been involved with the WWE.


Battlejack transcends the match-3 mechanic and delivers a blackjack game like no other. Set in a fantasy world with colourful graphics, it is your cards that affect the outcome of your battles, which play out at the top of the screen. The RPG storyline means that, unlike a regular game of blackjack, after one battle ends the involvement with the game does not, allowing you to progress through the game via multiple tournaments without breaking the flow of gameplay.

Viking Runecraft

Levelling up and progressing through the game is a key component of Puzzle Quest, just as it is for Viking Runecraft. One of the latest Mr Green games, you can see that the thematic value delivered by the Viking motifs (including, axes, hammers and, of course, runes on the tiles) increases your immersion within the game-scape. While detailed, the graphics and the way to play the game are clear, making Viking Runecraft visually interesting, simple to grasp, and enjoyable to play. 

Treasure Blast

This mobile game, although lacking in the RPG aspect the Puzzle Quest possesses, is highly similar to Puzzle Quest regarding the layout and colour scheme of the tiles that are used in Puzzle Quest's combat sections. However, the aim of Treasure Blast, instead of defeating an opponent, is to destroy blocks of tiles to create new blocks with special powers.

Puzzle Quest 2

Of course, the video game that has derived the greatest influence from Puzzle Quest is its sequel, Puzzle Quest 2, released in 2010. Although maintaining the foundations of the original game, Puzzle Quest 2 builds upon its predecessor with alterations and additions that work to make the game more dynamic and interactive. For example, when engaged in combat with an adversary, the tile board no longer includes golden tiles but instead displays a new purple tile (which provides five different kinds of magic) and a fist icon (used to represent action points, which are able to be used to activate weapons). 

As we can infer from Puzzle Quest's effect on video games to date, its influence is likely to continue into future games. The success of this style of game can be attributed in part to its effect on players: the excitement of a challenge, satisfaction of progression, and triumph of success, along with the interactivity of character-building and the immersive plot-driven world of the game.

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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017

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