The Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures PvP Beta Weekend is now over and the good people over at Funcom wanted to thank all those who participated. Those of you that had the chance to play not only got to have fun, but you also aided Funcom in gathering some much needed data to help complete the game. To say thanks, Funcom's Game Director Gaute Godager wrote a letter to the community...

Hello everyone

The Funcom crew wants to thank all of the participants of the Gamespot PvP Beta Weekend for testing over the past days and help making Age of Conan an even better game. But let Game Director Gaute Godager tell you that in his own words



Let me start by saying: Thank you everyone!

That was a blast, eh, at least to me! Kills: 53, Deaths 49 - but I did NOT play a Ranger. (Was Assassin and Conqueror). So I accrued my debit the first day, I must add to my defense. Luckily we fixed the broken Bow and things went a better after that. You might be wondering "What is a guy doing as Game Director if he can hardly win over the average tester?". You know what, I did questioned that myself when some nasty Dark Templar chucked my severed, impaled head off his sword in a fatality. I guess my rather "poor" rating just shows that you can learn very, very fast.

I do hope though, that you enjoyed yourself half as much as I did! Even though we have gathered invaluable information about client and server stability under high-stress situations during this extended weekend, plus a host of other bugs and issues we are currently addressing, I hope you got some time with a grin on your face during this weekend. You have made Age of Conan better!

Thank you very much!

Gaute Godager

Game Director

Age of Conan

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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