Greecing up the MMO genre

While many of the gameplay & social elements of Mgame's live MMO Legend of Ares seem banal, I'm intrigued by the guild system and PvP construct. From a recent GameZone interview:

Q: How does the guild system work? Will players benefit more from being in a clan or guild, or are the missions geared for an solid experience even as a solo player?

MGame: The guild system for The Legend of Ares is quite elaborate with special rankings as well as salaries and rewards for members. Guild masters will have the option of rewarding their guild members through rewards (monetary) as well as pay their higher ranking officers with salaries. When money becomes low, Guild masters have the option of accepting dues from their members or engage in Guild Wars to win money. In Guild Wars, guilds pay 100,000 units of money to participate with the winner taking home the pot. With multiple guilds participating, the cumulative totals can get quite large.

Nifty. Check out the rest of this Legend of Ares interview at GameZone.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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