The Secret World (TSW) is a game we've been watching closely since its announcement. We even had TSW's Ragnar Tørnquist answer a few questions for some of our community members earlier this month. But Tørnquist is still fielding community questions on the official TSW forums. Recently, Funcom posted the second of three rounds of questions Tørnquist has answered for the community. The latest post answers questions relating to PvP, the skill-based advancement system, class roles and much more.

According to Tørnquist, secret societies will be able to group in the game, but each society's agenda is different and while they may work together, that temporary alliance is shaky at best.

The secret societies may be divided in pursuit of power, but they stand united against evil - at least for as long as strictly necessary. It may only be a friendship of the surface - in more ways than one - but none of the secret societies want to see our world succumb to the darkest of days. After all, if that happens, what's left to control?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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