We feel our RaidScore calculations are outdated and require an update to reflect changes in the game, and to provide our users with more valuable number they can use to help select players for raids, or to allow players to show off a bit easier. We currently working hard on improving the score, so read more to check out how we're doing it.

Scope & Scale

Our new RaidScore has been programmed to scale with the rest of our scores. This will put a theoretical cap on the score to about 11k to match GearScore, PvP GearScore, and PvP Score. However, even though the new RaidScore will scale well with other scores, the information it provides is more valuable.

The more a player raids successfully the higher their RaidScore will be. Players with higher RaidScores are experienced players who can adapt to new bosses, follow instructions, and get 'er done.

Exponential Growth

The New RaidScore calculations work with an exponential growth calculation. What this means is, that Teir 12 bosses are worth exponentially more than Teir 11 bosses. Our scores calculate bosses all the way from Molten Core to Heroic Firelands. The reasoning behind this decision is that content evolves. Bosses in later content are almost always more intricate and complicated. Do you know what I did in Molten Core with my Resto Shaman? I used to stand there and resurrect people. Now I have to actually work!

However, we don't want to dismiss the value of raid experience from previous expansions entirely. Players do take breaks, and while newer content is always worth more experience a player with a lot of old experience shouldn't be completely black listed. A player who has a vast range of experience in older content will still be provided a decent RaidScore that will cap out once he begins completing current content.

The Learning Curve

Points you obtain for each boss kill are on a curve themselves. The first few kills represent a learning proccess and are worth a standard number of points / kill. After that additional kills represent perfection of strategy against the boss and are worth slightly more. Finally, additional kills start to become farm status and the player no longer obtains valuable raiding experience for theses bosses and the points per kill tapers off to a low value.

Tips & More Information

These scores will be live as soon as we complete testing and implementation, but unfortunately I do not have an exact date just yet.

As for tips, if you're putting together a PUG look for players who have both the gear necessary to complete the content, and those who have a high RaidScores. The lower their gear the more RaidScore they should have to compensate. So a player with low gear but high raiding experience may be able to overcome the limitations imposed by their lack of gear. Personally, I would always rather have a player with higher RaidScore than GearScore.

A score in the 2000s will represent a player with moderate Raiding Experience, a player with 4000 shows a player who has a wide range of experience, a score of 6000 shows a player who has been raiding for multiple expansions, 8000 a player who has raided for a very long time, and 10,000 or more shows a player who is an expert raider and as such, is probably in a top level guild.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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