It started normally enough; the Beta Servers were finally back online after some maintenance. I tried to login and kept getting a validation error… Turns out some fun worm had wiggled its way on my computer. Long story short I finally got back on Saturday in the mid-afternoon instead of the intended Friday night I wanted to go back to.

Trying to recapture lost time with my Night Elf Rogue (I needed to spend more time on her to get enough material for another Beta Journal.), I was traveling along the Night Elf capital of Darnassus when a messenger appeared. Stormwind; capital of the Alliance was under attack by a mass of Horde players!

Not having access to Stormwind with my Rogue, I quickly switched over to my mid level mage and teleported to Stormwind and joined the fight. There were between 30 and 40 players of the Horde assaulting the main gates of Stormwind, all being beaten back by a barrage of guards (and let’s not forget the level 95 general at the entrance).

Eventually the fighting spilled from the main gates into the Goldshire region, every available Alliance man taking up arms against their enemies. Brave players who were barely past level 10 stood against the might of level 50 Tauren Warriors, stronger more experienced players directed the defenses and kept the unexpected attack as under control as possible.

I myself took to arms at the main gate and assisted the repulsion of the attack by casting my long-range magic spells at the mid level enemies who would be better affected by it. When the enemy clustered together, myself and other mages unleashed devastating area of effect magic to scatter them for our warriors to pick out. Again, players of all levels seemed to take part in the defense of their homes, and while lower level characters stood against the onslaught, very few survived.

Eventually the remnants of the enemy were destroyed as we forced them back to the nearby graveyard. Everyone was shouting cries of victory when another message of woe came through; the foul Warlocks of the Horde had somehow made their way into the newly established DeepRun Tram and were even now using their foul magics to summon reinforcements!

Hurriedly others and myself pushed towards the Tram, but as soon as we entered, there was no standing against the barrage awaiting us. Taking what time I needed to return to my corpse, I immediately cast a teleportation spell to the city of Ironforge (which is connected to Stormwind via the DeepRun Tram), there further reinforcements were gained and a new offensive was pushed to remove the Horde presences in the Tram.

A large battle was held in the Tram, however victory came to the Alliance. Counting the bodies and tending to wounds there was a cry from players to retaliate. A great debate was held over whether to attack the Undead Undercity or the capital of the Horde itself, Ogrimmar.

Soon a raid group was formed and we sped off to Ogrimmar with haste, amassing at the gates of the city we smashed our way in, intent on killing the auctioneers of the Orcish city. This attack was not one with cause, only spite as the auctioneers were valued servants of the Horde.

Whilst the attack succeeded in removing the auctioneers, the damage to the Alliance strike force was massive and few if any returned. The Orcish defenses held strong against the retributive strike, but nonetheless the Alliance had its moment of revenge.

With smaller battles taking place in both sides, another eerie calm is starting before the next big player push…

Again, this is just another day in World of Warcraft!

A small gallery was made with what few moments Ratboy had to take screenshots. This gallery can be viewed here.

Doing My Part Guards To Arms

At the Tram The Carnage

An Epic Battle Returning Home

Massing for War A Grand Charge

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016