Ending the previous journal with the great achievement of reaching level 8, this journal will see what new exploits my Night Elf Rouge (aka “Eyebrows”) has undertaken in the past week.

The first thing of interest that occurred while adventuring; was finally reaching the Night Elf capital city of Darnassus. This city is one of the most visually stunning places in all of WoW; a beautiful ancient city with archaic structures that lend themselves quite well to the Night Elf flavor. Teamed with the fact the city is guarded by some nasty living trees (a level 95 Ancient Protector), and that the city has only one access point that comes through a portal on the outskirts of the island makes the city almost impenetrable.

Within the walls of Darnassus I quickly made my way to some NPC’s I needed to talk with to accomplish some quests. I also made sure to find the local rogue trainer and learn any new skills of importance. Aside from these trips there was little for me in Darnassus at this time, so I headed back into the wilds outside.

Using the Rogue stealth ability I accessed the Ban’Ethil Barrow to work on the quest I had acquired for that area. Fighting Furlbogs in the area for quite some time, I eventually received the items I needed, as well as another quest that involved finding a Furlbog shaman’s voodoo artifact.

By the time I had completed all the work in the Barrow, as well as some of the surrounding quests I was up to level 10 and learned the ever-important Dual-Wield ability, which allowed me to use two weapons. I was also taught the “Sprint” ability that allowed me to run at ridiculous speeds for a short time. This skill would allow me to get out of losing battles quickly!

With level 10 under my belt, I headed off to complete some other “Furlbog related slaughtering” quests. I completed these with ease and gained some decent equipment along the way (since Furlbogs are humanoids they can drop better equipment then most animal monsters).

My quests that dealt with Furlbogs went well and gained me a little bit more experience that I needed. Upon proceeding back to the smaller village where I had received the quest, I was prompted with another quest to go seek out the rogue trainer in Darnassus. I quickly made the trek to the capital, eager to accomplish this new quest.

Once I talked to the Rogue Trainer I was prompted to go steal a journal off “Sethir the Ancient”. I roamed outside Darnassus for about twenty minutes before I found this strange NPC walking on a large branch the extended out over the sea. Immediately I charged in and killed Sethir in close combat, but he didn’t drop anything!

It was then that I realized that I might actually have to use my pickpocket ability on him and actually steal his journal off him. Twenty minutes of trying to steal the journal later, I finally got it off him! Upon returning to Darnassus, I accepted a new quest that would take me away from the Elven Island and then finished the Sethir quest by returning the journal. It was here that I made level 12 and was now ready to begin adventuring abroad.

Next issue I’ll start telling about my adventures in the lands of Darkshore and what adventures I’ve been having there. It should be interesting to see a new zone of NPC’s, Quests, and other neat WoW stuff.

Until next time, game on!

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016