All Points Bulletin (APB) has been in development since at least E3 2005, when we first saw the title in South Korean developer Webzen's booth. Realtime Worlds bought back the distribution rights about a year ago, and the cops and robbers MMORPG is right up RTW's alley, judging by their critically acclaimed sandbox shooter Crackdown.

The devs made a rare appearance to discuss positional audio, voice fonts, and other voicechat features in APB that will come as a result of their just-announced deal with Vivox and also update us on APB's progress. Plus we'll get Vivox founder Monty Sharma's take on what makes APB perfect for Vivox's brand of fully integrated voicechat.

Read about it all in this exclusive GDC-week Q&A with Realtime Worlds and Vivox.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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