So here’s a quick look back over some great recent innovations in gaming that range from deceptively simple advances in pokies technology, to some of the amazing open-world formats that have been developed for next-gen consoles.


Sometimes it’s the simpler things that make us realise how innovative games developers have become. Whereas many shoot-em-ups thrive in a bloodbath of violence and explosions, it took the likes of the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation to illustrate that real drama thrives on suspense as you had to sneak around an abandoned spaceship in an all-too-human evocation of real human fear!

Similarly, the great range of pokies found at the Lucky Nugget Casino site shows that the technology behind these games doesn’t have to try and overpower the user through graphical-prowess, but the ease with which players can now play these traditional games in a mobile format has meant that the innovation can be so smooth that it’s almost easy to miss!

But it’s not just games of pokies that have benefited from the new mobile technology, as games such as Monument Valley have adapted to the new wave of smartphone gamers who aren’t necessarily arcade fans by providing wonderfully designed Escher-like graphics along with a tactile puzzle-gaming technology to satisfy even the most naive newbie.

However, there will always be those looking for something stunning from their latest technologies, and few games looked as good on the next gen consoles as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate that revelled in the amazing graphical opportunities developed by the likes of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Whilst few games would be as addictive and compulsive as a simple game of pokies, when it comes to innovative gameplay in the modern gaming arena, one of the best examples must be the the recent Fallout 4 title that slayed the reviewers thanks to the sheer scale of the gaming environment.

And it’s the open world capacities of the next-gen consoles that really look to impress when the hugely-anticipated No Man’s Sky drops later this year. So whether it’s a massively multiplayer online game or even just a humble game of pokies, it seems that there is no end of innovation in the ever-changing gaming domain.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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