"Bad Moon Rising" is CCR, not CCP: this is "Red... Red Moon Rising!"

CCP has announced the
release of EVE Online: Red Moon Rising, a free expansion to the popular
sci-fi MMOG.  Red Moon Rising will be available in December. 

"CCP Games, an independent developer and publisher of
multiplayer online games, today announced the public release of "EVE
Online®: Red Moon Rising”, a new expansion to its highly successful
fast-growing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
“EVE Online®: Exodus”. Red Moon Rising is scheduled for release
December, and will be provided to subscribers free of charge.

“Red Moon Rising is the last of the EXODUS chapters and is the
precursor of the Kali expansion," said Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP
Games. “Players will see new ships and features in Red Moon Rising
created explicitly to augment warfare, so those who crave the
adrenaline rush of action-packed PVP will really enjoy this release!”

With nearly 80,000 active subscribers and over 17,000 simultaneous
users on one server, “EVE Online” is the largest independently
developed and published MMORPG on the market.

“The introduction of these new components is analogous to adding rooks,
knights, and the mighty queen to a galactic chessboard,” said Nathan
Richardsson, Lead Producer for EVE Online. “Fighters, carriers, and
titans are going to take combat to a scale that the MMPORG genre has
never seen before. In addition, the sheer economics required just to
produce these leviathans will create great opportunities for
industrious-minded gamers to take advantage of.”

EVE Online®: Red Moon Rising is the march towards an epic clash
the empires as the tentative peace presiding over the galaxy continues
to slip away. Nations begin to conspire against one another, secretly
preparing for the inevitable conflict that threatens to redefine the
borderlines of EVE forever.

Some of the key features of this upgrade are:

• Titans: The largest, most fearsome space faring battle vessels ever

• Carriers: Front line capital ships providing fighter coverage and
support for fleets

• Bloodlines: The addition of Asian bloodlines available to each of the

• COSMOS Constellation Expansion: Addition of constellation missions to
Gallente and Amarr territories

• Fighters: The main offensive and defensive weapon of the Carrier

• Starbases and sovereignty: Additions of roles to improve control
access of services and improved calculations of player-determined

• Next-Generation Manufacturing & Research Facilities:
Mass-manufacturing enabling and remote industry management.

• Performance Optimizations: Optimizations to core systems to provide
even better performance.

• Mining Industry Upgrade: New equipment, ships and skills for miners

• Combat Enhancements: Varied improvements to combat, enhanced defenses
and configuration overhauls

• Jettisoned Canister Flagging: Removing the contents of a jettisoned
canister that is not your own will flag you as a thief

• Drone Enhancements: New drone capabilities and improved performance

• An Eye for an Eye: You are allowed to revenge the unlawful
destruction of your ship

• Tech II: 23 new Tech II ships, including destroyers, battlecruisers
and mining barges

• New Corporate Logos: Corporations have more options to create their
own identity

• NPC Changes: New NPC's featuring elite ships with advanced
capabilities such as cap draining

• UI Improvements: Need info from Hagen.

• Full Unicode Client: The EVE client now supports any language in the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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