It's like playing Diablo 2 all over again.

K2 Networks is definitely getting into a groove when it comes to localizing and preparing Asian-MMOGs for the Western marketplace. Red Stone, which was announced only a few months ago, is already entering open beta and looks to continue the trend of quality free-to-play games from K2.

Here's the press release:

IRVINE, Calif. –
August 9, 2007 – K2 Network, Inc. ( href="" class="releaselink"
an online game publisher announced today that its upcoming 2D Fantasy
MMORPG, Red Stone is now in beta and open to the public. The game can
be downloaded for free at href=""
class="releaselink" target="_new">

Stone, a Free2Play, episodic MMORPG, offers players a unique fantasy
experience with a deep and compelling storyline set in a detailed and
dangerous setting. Offering 8 unique transforming character classes and
compelling strategic missions, the player will seek to recover the lost
shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to the destroyed

“Red Stone’s mesmeric storyline and highly original
character set are just a few of the appealing ingredients,”
said Matt
Norton, Senior Producer at K2 Network. “Add to that its
element and classic style presentation and gameplay, we believe Red
Stone has global appeal that will charm and captivate the MMORPG

K2 Network has also launched Red Stone’s new website
and forums which will play host to exciting promotions within the game.
Valuable prizes, unique and rare items, as well as complete PC gaming
packages from top companies will be awarded to gamers who reach a key
milestone in the game.

Gamers will enjoy Red Stone’s unique
Transform System where all characters have the ability to change jobs
and weapons as well as transform into other characters, enabling
unique, strategic gameplay. Also setting it apart from other
Red Stone characters do not use Mana (MP) when spells and skills are
used; instead, they use a rechargeable Charge Point (CP) system,
challenging players to use their skills strategically.

Gamers interested in being part of the open beta which is now live and
continues through until early September should visit href="" class="releaselink"
target="_new"> to sign
up and start playing.

For more information on Red Stone visit the new site at href="" class="releaselink"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016