Seems like I know a few Princess/Little Witches myself.

The final four character classes from K2 Network's upcoming free-to-play MMOG, Red Stone, have been revealed, completing the list of eight character classes. Featuring the inherent ability to "transform" each of the classes is actually a pair of professions itself. To finish the list, K2 Network revealed details on the Tamer/Summoner, Thief/Monk, Princess/Little Witch, and Necromancer/Demon. Along with the information, K2 Network also sent out several screenshots to amplify their information. Enjoy!

Prandel is home to many creatures. Human, animal… and supernatural. The supernatural include evil beings like undead and vampires, but there are also other entities known as “divine creatures”. Divine creatures are in tune with the elemental powers, and have a nature containing one or more elemental attributes. They are spirits with physical bodies that are imbued with the power of fire, water, wind, and earth. Along with the four elements, there are also divine creatures that manifest light and darkness.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016