Nearly 6 years later, EverQuest II continues to dominate the MMOG genre as undoubtedly one of the best online games out there. As veteran players branch out and explore new games, there are some of us who keep going back for more and I am one of those players.

Yes, Ten Ton Hammer is back in Norrath!

After arranging my UI (how the heck did I have it before?) I was on a mission to re-learn my class. I ran through various content, easy solo creatures all the way to heroics to test my rusty skills. I still sorta suck and my armor is grossly outdated, but you know what I found? With a quick change and a ride into the Moors of Ykesha it was as if I were playing a whole new game despite the fact that EQ2 has been on my roster for nearly 6 years.

Check back soon for expansion coverage, guide updates, and more EQ2 love than you can shake a gnoll at!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016