by Cody "Micajah" Bye, Managing Editor

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by Jason Koerperich, Community Manager for
Gravity Interactive

Taking the leap into the open beta phase of game testing is a big leap
for any developer. Gamers often draw a lot of their initial enthusiasm
for a game from that particular time period, and it's crucial for
studios to make sure that their game is nearly ready for market when
the game shifts into that phase of testing. For the developers of style="font-style: italic;">Requiem: Bloodymare,
they've taken nearly every precaution to insure that their open beta
testing period goes off without a hitch, and Gravity Interactive is now
ready to pursue their open beta test. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody
"Micajah" Bye sat down with Jason Koerperich, Community Manager for
Gravity Interactive, to discuss what players will be seeing in upcoming
updates and future content upgrades to the game. Enjoy!

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Requiem hopes to
attract gamers with their gory and visceral art style.

Ten Ton Hammer:
Throughout the entire beta process, what was your main focus? Did you
really put most of your energy towards localization, or was it
something else?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason Koerperich:
During our closed beta test we were highly focused on localizing the
content, partly to get our internal processes of report/fix/implement
working 100%, but also in gathering feedback of what our users wanted
to see in the future.

It is true that Requiem is already commercially launched in other parts
of the world, but that doesn’t mean that we are simply
porting Requiem.  Requiem from the start has been a game
designed for western players’ likes and dislikes, our
community is that western player base the game was intended
for.  The feedback we gathered during our closed beta has
already begun to change the direction that Requiem is headed, I have
every reason to believe that further continued feedback will morph
Requiem into the game our players have been waiting for.  


Playfully we quip about
how the other commercial launches of Requiem are just beta testing for
the “real” launch we are doing at

Ten Ton Hammer: What will
the main difference be between the beta version of Requiem and what
players will be seeing when the game is fully released?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: This is a
tough question due to how many updates to both systems and contents
that are being worked on currently.  As MMO players are aware,
an MMO continuously evolves as its life goes on.  Requiem will
be no different in that regard.  When we launch there will be
several content enhancements such as new starting zones and new quests,
the DNA, and Beast Possessions systems will of course be there in full
glory as well.  

Several things are being worked on that will likely make an appearance
in Requiem early in its commercial life, such as a new pvp system and
new race/class choices.  This list is not an all inclusive
list as any breakthroughs we are able to get packed in between now and
launch will also be included.  As an aside the ability to
develop right up to the last minute is a nice benefit to having a
download only client and no retail presence.

There are a few things that for sure will be different between the
Launch and beta; such as the non-inclusion of any item mall or premium
service offerings during the Open Beta.  Whatever privilege
and enhancements that may come from those systems won’t be
present in the Open Beta.  

Ten Ton Hammer: What kind
of items are you going to be stocking in your item mall? Will players
be able to buy gold, experience, or usable equipment?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: Currently we
are looking for more subtle game enhancements from our item mall. Exp
enhancers, reset items, perhaps even some restorative items are likely
candidates for our Launch time Item mall. Later we will work with the
community to see what else they want to see after they get a chance to
try out the basic offerings. Right now we don’t have a
“money/exp box” planned, that you just open to get
a level or Lant, which is our in-game currency.  

Any equipment offerings will of course have to be carefully balanced
against what is offered in-game and player interest.

Ten Ton Hammer: With open
beta out of the way, what's next for the game? Will we be seeing an
expansion or free update anytime soon?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: Currently
we’ve only finished our Closed Beta test, with our Open Beta
right around the corner.  Our game client is 100% free, so
software is never a cost to     our
customers.  Just as with our other titles we will be offering
continual expansion support for Requiem.  This will include
new races, classes, new places to go, and the things to do while you
are there, as well as new ways of interacting with the world.  


In short, it is quite likely that a significant game update will follow
shortly after the launch.

Ten Ton Hammer: Player
events weren't really a large part of the beta test in Requiem. Are you
scheduled to start doing more player events in the near future?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: Live events
are definitely something we will be planning for Launch and
beyond.  In closed beta all efforts were being spent on bug
collection and reporting.  We will also likely be testing out
some different in-game events during open beta.

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Live events are
definitely something that are planned for Requiem's launch and beyond.

Ten Ton Hammer: For you,
what was the most difficult part of bringing Requiem: Bloodymare to
North America? Conversely, what's been the most exciting?


style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: Offering a
title like Requiem as a free-to-play MMO was a very difficult choice,
considering the amount of premium content that we have planned for the
near future, but it was one that we were most excited about as well.
During our closed beta period, there was some initial confusion from
the community as to whether or not Requiem would be a traditional
monthly subscription-based product sold as a box at retail. I think
this really reflects the level of quality and value that gamers feel
they will get from playing Requiem, and we feel that the title will be
very competitive in not just the free-to-play MMO space, but also among
the top-tiered subscription-based MMO environment as well. We have very
high hopes for this title, believe it has massive potential and will be
putting a lot of our attention on constantly updating and adding
exciting new content in the years ahead.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will the
servers be wiped for the official launch of Requiem? Or will players
have the chance to bring open beta characters into the live servers?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: We will be
wiping between our closed beta and open beta periods, this is certain.
Quite likely there will be a wipe prior to our commercial launch as
well.  However that second wipe may occur prior to the Open
Beta close.  The 2nd wipe possibility/timing is still being
discussed as it could possibly tie into a benefit package we offer our
Beta Testers.

Ten Ton Hammer: In your
opinion, what's the most interesting aspect of Requiem: Bloodymare?
Why? How can players enjoy that portion of the game?


style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: There are
many different elements that really make Requiem stand out from other
MMOs such as our Beast Possession system, where players can fully
transform into powerful monsters (‘Altered Beast’
style) complete with stats, separate sets of armor, weapons and
abilities completely independent of the player’s main
character. I think this really adds a unique dynamic that will make
group partying very interesting. Players will have to think outside the
scope of a traditional MMO.

While Requiem is a MMO in a traditional sense, it is a very bloody and
violent title. As such, utilizing the Havok engine, players can slice
and dice monsters into a bloody corpse and watch their heads, arms, or
legs fall off and roll down the hill, all in a very satisfying and
realistic way. I think the death animations in Requiem are truly the
most engaging aspect of killing the grotesque monsters that inhabit the
world and are some of the best you’ll see in a MMO game
currently. It is truly gratifying for me to kill a monster and see it
flopping around on the ground even after it is dead, or pulverizing a
monster into several different pieces in my Beast Possession form.

But the most interesting aspect is really our Nightmare system, a
period of time in the Requiem world where the truly powerful, most
horrific of all monsters come out to destroy everyone and everything in
their paths. The Nightmare time really adds a whole new strategy to MMO
gameplay and forces players to think twice before wandering mindlessly
into the areas where Nightmare creatures come out. It will be
interesting to see how players deal with this aspect of the game as it
ties in to many of the various quests storyline and as the Nightmare
creatures hold some of the most precious and valuable items in the game.

Ten Ton Hammer: Why
should large guilds be interested in playing Requiem?


style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: The battle
grounds are definitely a focus for guilds.  Depending upon how
the guilds utilize the PVP and battle ground dynamics in Requiem future
expansion may be made to offer even more types of guild focused
activities aside from PVP, raids, and social fun.

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Requiem is an
incredily beautiful game.

Ten Ton Hammer: What
about PvP players? Are there many ways for PvP players to shine?


style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: During the
Beta only PVP zones were available.  We also have the options
of PK servers as well.  Currently the entire PVP system is
being worked on to make it more dynamic and enjoyable not only on the
killing side but balanced for the victim side as well.  Seems
that is always the difficulty with PVP/PK systems regardless of games.

Ten Ton Hammer: Finally,
is there anything else you'd like to tell Ten Ton Hammer readers and
Requiem fans?

style="font-weight: bold;">Jason: If you are
looking for an adult oriented game in a horrifying, yet beautiful world
of grim technology and magic populated by Nightmarish creatures and
Heroes beyond reproach, then Requiem: Bloodymare is right up your
alley. We will be having an open beta very soon and our commercial
launch following closely afterwards. To adventure in Ethegia is
completely free for those who wish to take up the challenge!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016