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Revisiting the Old World

As World of Warcraft keeps expanding and increasing level caps, more and more players grow curious as to what they could do with their new weapons and abilities in terms of revisiting the old dungeons. While many people in the Beta seem to be focused on playing in Lake Wintergrasp and checking out the new instances, some others visit the old instances with lower numbers and see what they can achieve on their own, or in lower numbers.

In this article, both level 70 and level 60 instances were revisited with a level 80 PvP premade character duo of Death Knight and Priest, a basic Tank and Healer combination. The results were more than satisfying, and knowing the achievements for many instances that don't have quests will not be retroactive, this was good news indeed for those curious as to how they would re-do all their past achievements in World of Warcraft.

Level 70 Instances - Magisters' Terrace

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Magisters' Terrace

The instances revisited were two, specifically Magisters' Terrace and The Mechanar, two of the more visited instances during the Burning Crusade for many players. As the Mechanar didn't exactly pose a problem either in damage output or boss fights, we will elaborate on the more difficult, CC-demanding Magisters' Terrace for this assessment.

The setup was an Unholy-Specced Death Knight with Frost Presence on, and a Holy-Specced Priest for healing. The first handful of pulls were easy enough as they were only 2 enemies and the Ghoul and Gargoyle combos did short work of the enemies as the Death Knight held his ground, with Icebound Fortitude and doing all his interrupts on the Mage Guards and Casters.

When it came to the 4-mob pulls, The Death Knight, with over 20,000 HP buffed, was able to take a massive beating from all 4 enemies at once and hold them at bay, long enough to cast Night of the Dead and have around 5 ghouls including his summoned one, along with Unholy Blight and Anti-Magic Shell, to wither his enemies down enough so that he would win. At times, the Holy Priest mind-controlled the Blood Knights in order to stop the healing between monsters, which proved to be extremely effective.

Boss Fight 1 - Selin Fireheart

Extremely easy, the boss failed to hit the Death Knight more than 200-300 per hit, and Anti-Magic Zone / Anti-Magic Shell did wonders against his AoE explosions, the boss went down without much of a fight.

The next room was fun, as the Death Knight specced Unholy doesn't have much in the way of AoE damage, had to wait until a Mana Wyrm died, then use Corpse Explosion to compliment his Unholy Blight ability, and wait for them all to die, with the help of the ghoul.

Boss Fight 2 - Vexallus

Somewhat worrysome, as the debuffs would stack bigtime, the Death Knight charged in, and took Vexallus head-on. Vexallus began spawning his mana remnants, however, I was able to stack them all onto me (over 4) and not suffer more than 30% damage due to the heals and abilities the Priest companion was doing, a very easy boss to 2-man.

After this, the 5-mob pulls were possibly the toughest customers in this zone. While Mind-control and ghouls helped, it was a slowdown to wait for Night of the Dead or wait for the Ghoul to be able to be resummoned so he didn't die mid-battle. Eventually, we came to Delrissa.

Boss Fight 3 - Priestess Delrissa

Expected a tough fight as it was Warlock, Warrior, Priestess, Rogue, Demon, upon summoning my mass ghouls and fighting the Priestess, she was able to get most of her Flash Heals off and expend all of her mana. However, upon her Death, there were only 2 enemies remaining. As it turns out, the Ghouls made short work of the Warlock and Demon, leaving only the Warrior Salaris and the Rogue to take care of. While not extremely easy, this fight wasn't as hard as expected.

Boss Fight 4 - Prince Kael'thas

Kael'thas was arguably the easiest, along with Selin, for he was unable to prevent the Ghoul from doing its job even while the Death Knight ignored half his attacks due to Anti-magic Shell and Anti-Magic Zone. Reaching 50% rather fast, we waited until the Phoenix auto-killed itself and killed its egg. From there, the Ghoul smacked Kael'thas silly while we just hovered and homed in for the kill.

Magisters' Terrace, along with any other instance in the level 70 Range, should be easily doable with 2, let alone 3 people as long as you have a healer involved and someone wearing plate, although maybe the last one not as big a requirement. Keep in mind that enrage timers and such could pose a problem, however.

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Ready for the Molten Core, showing off the Magisters' Terrace goodies!

Level 60 Raid-instance, The Molten Core

Feeling bold, we headed back into the Old World, and visited the very first raid-zone ever, the Molten Core. Wondering if we could take on a Firelord or a Molten Giant, we attuned ourselves quickly and entered this old but great raid zone.

The first thing to note is that you may bypass a lot of the trash packs now, since you're 20 levels above them, and as such can save a lot of time when doing runs for different purposes. Remembering the fact we didn't have an AoE Class, we avoided Lucifron's Cavern and headed straight for Gehennas.

Fight - The Firelord

A Firelord blocked our way through, and he was one of the most annoying raid monsters in the past due to its ability to multiply indefinitely if given the chance. The firelord did almost no damage to either of us, and neither did his spawns, but we were faced with a problem: we weren't killing fast enough to get the spawns down before they reproduced!

Eventually having up to 20 lava spawns, we decided to reset the instance so they would disappear and we could continue on. If you're going to be killing Firelords, bring an AoE class of any sort, or atleast another DPS class!

Fight - Lava Surger

The good old big boulder guys were next, and while still annoying with their knockbacks and knockdowns, they were rather easy, not lasting more than a minute in the fight!

Fight - Core Hound

Same as the lava surger, the level difference showed immensely as he hit for almost no damage and his debuffs didn't do much if controlled correctly. Took a little longer to die, however.

Boss Fight - Gehennas

This was the real deal, a raid boss with only two people, and Gehennas, to boot! Not the easiest, but not the hardest, yet certainly one of the most annoying ones in this zone. The fight started with the Death Knight engaging one of his two assistants, along with his ghouls and gargoyle, yet the sheer HP of the monsters was enough to hold the kill for awhile.

We ran into two problems - Gehennas's curse was not dispellable due to the fact we had no decurser, hence 75% less healing across the whole fight was done, and with the new potion changes, you could only drink one before being locked out of them for the whole encounter. Even so, the boss's assistants died to a long battle, and Gehennas himself was brought down to 100,000 HP out of 317,000, a good 30% left before we were out of mana and resources to keep on fighting.

In conclusion, raid bosses from level 60 will be quite easily killed by level 80's wanting achievements for their past glories, in lesser groups. Should you bring 5 people to this zone, it's not unthinkable to believe you could defeat even the mighty Ragnaros, or go back and kill Nefarian with the same numbers. It remains to be seen, however, if Vaelastrasz's Burning Adrenaline debuff can be absorbed by the priest's current final Holy talent. If so, the old world raids suddenly become very feasible for many players who never experienced the fights, if they can use their new tricks well!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016